• Instagram Remains Top Choice For Influencer Marketing
    Almost all marketers said they will use the image-sharing app in their influencer campaigns this year.
  • Machines To Surpass Humans In Consumer Interaction Within 3 Years
    AI is having a profound effect on all facets of marketing and it's expected to become the dominant way most consumers interact with businesses within …
  • Marketers Plan To Boost Spending On Influencer Campaigns
    Most advertisers will increase influencer campaigns as their strategies move beyond the experimental stage and become more refined.
  • Most Ad Execs Using Location-Based Data, Primarily For Ad Targeting
    The majority of ad executives are currently utilizing location-based data, and the No. 1 reason is to improve ad targeting.
  • Think Global, Spend Local: Domestic Share Of Marketing Budgets Continues To Rise
    The percentage of marketing budgets spent on domestic markets continues to be near its all-time high, according to a semiannual survey.
  • Marketer 'Optimism' Rebounding: Climbs From Six Months, Year Ago
    Marketer confidence in the U.S. economy climbed significantly in February from the last time they were surveyed in August 2019, according to the latest installment …
  • How The 2020 Election Will Impact Retail Marketing
    More than half of retailers will be more conscious of political connections that can be made from what they post on social channels.
  • Digital Ad Impression Quality Dips In Q4
    After trending downward throughout 2019, so-called "problematic" ad impressions spiked again in the fourth quarter, according to the latest edition of Confiant's Demand Quality Report. …
  • One-Third Of Social Influencers Buy Fake Engagement Activity
    Almost a third of social influencers are purchasing fake engagement activity to fraudulently boost the metrics reported to advertisers.
  • Most Ad Execs Zoning Out On ZoneCasting
    While the vast majority of big advertisers and agencies are currently using at least some form of geo-targeting in their advertising and media-buying, they are …
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