• Survey Finds Consumers Keen On Bundling Video And Music Streaming Services
    When Hulu and Spotify dropped their subscription price for a bundle of Spotify Premium and Hulu's ad-supported streaming service to $9.99 per month from $12.99, they apparently left some money on the table, according to a nationwide survey of U.S. consumers on what they are willing to pay for bundled streaming subscription services (see ranges above).
  • When Bias And Speculation Trump Good Reporting
    In this week's report, Steve Sternberg criticizes how the mainstream media covered the investigation, including last weekend's letter and summary from Attorney General William Barr. "Most interesting to me, however, is how reporters from the legitimate press started scrambling to justify how they and their news outlets handled the story over the past two years," Sternberg opines, adding, "They should be focusing on what they did wrong and how to correct it going forward."
  • Broadcasters Continue To Dominate Local News, Analog Too
    TV and radio stations, followed by newspapers, remain the go-to source for local news for most Americans, according to findings of a nationwide survey released today by Pew Research Center. While online access to all forms of local news is growing, most of the major media consumed for local news continues to be analog.
  • U.S. Remains The Biggest Global Ad Growth Driver, By Wide Margin
    The U.S. remains the world's biggest advertising market and will for at least the foreseeable future. According to just-released estimates from Zenith's March 2019 quarterly ad outlook, the U.S. is projected to add $32.1 billion to the global ad economy between 2018 and 2021, which is twice the contribution of the next biggest player, China.
  • Pandora Poised To Lose Audio Market Dominance To Spotify
    Spotify is poised to overtake Pandora as the dominant digital audio service in the U.S., according to new estimates released today by eMarketer. "Spotify will surpass Pandora in terms of users by 2021 - one year sooner than we predicted last year," the report finds.
  • IPG Lab Measures TV 'Viewability,' Finds Similar Levels To Digital
    In a move that could change how the ad biz thinks about "viewability," IPG finds TV's isn't that different from digital.
  • Nielsen: Time Spent Hits The Wall, Tops Out At 10 Hrs, 30 Mns
    Time spent on TV-connected devices appears to have saturated at 10 hours and 30 minutes, according to the latest edition of Nielsen's quarterly "Total Audience Report." While there was some marginal shifting in time spent among devices -- mainly gains by smartphone apps -- he overall time spent remained the same year-over-year, according to the report.
  • Majority Of Marketers Claim 'Moderate' Current Trust Level With Agencies
    The majority of marketers responding to an Association of National Advertisers' member survey said they currently characterize the level of trust between marketers and their agencies as "moderate," according to the just-published "Trust Report."
  • Programmatic Fraud Expands, Especially In Big English-Language Markets
    Ad fraud is on the rise, and some English-language nations are among the biggest sources of it, according to an update published Monday by programmatic media marketplace tracker Pixalate.
  • Biggest SXSW Brand Buzz: Uber Eats, IBM, SoundCloud
    Food was the leading topic for the SXSW social media community, with 603 mentions.
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