• Less Than Minimum Wage -- Way Less
    On a gross basis, the ad industry values the average American's time to ad-supported media at $1 per hour. The fact that it's a nice round number is a coincidence, but it backs up Publicis' Rishad Tobaccowala's point. The industry has been valuing consumer attention at something considerably less than minimum wage. Read more to find out how it was derived.
  • Republicans Feel More Underrepresented On TV Than Democrats
    Many Americans of all political affiliations feel underrepresented on tv, according to results of a nationwide poll released by Morning Consult. The survey of 2,201 Americans was done March 8-10, before the Trump/Roseanne Barr lovefest surrounding the successful prime-time revival of "Roseanne," and found Republican voters feel more underrepresented than Democratic voters on television.
  • How Americans Rank, React To Corporate Crises
    News of a company making an illegal campaign contribution was most likely to produce a negative backlash, while news about a company ignoring workplace sexual harassment or discrimination claims ranked a close second, followed closely by news that a company was involved in a massive data hack resulting in their data being stolen, according to a nationwide survey of Americans by Morning Consult and the Public Affairs Council. The study, which surveyed 2,201 Americans March 13-15, found the most likely form of backlash would be boycotting the company, though expressing negative comments about the brand also ranked high.
  • Amazon Ranked Most Liked Brand, Guess Who's Least Liked?
    The poll found Amazon was by far the most liked with a net favorability score of 44 -- more than twice that of Google, the next most-liked brand, at 21. The least liked brand was Trump Hotels with a net score of -29, about twice that of the next most least-liked brand, Philip Morris' -15.
  • Native Supply Chain Expands 48%
    The Native Advertising Institute took on an ambitious project in 2017 to benchmark the supply of suppliers. The result was a Lumascape-like chart listing 272 vendors. Based on its 2018 update, the marketplace has expanded 48%, year-over-year, to 402.
  • Stormy Daniels' Out-of-Home Lift Beats Olympics, Tiger Woods Too
    Tunity, a promising new audience data company that matches out-of-home audio tuning on a mobile phone to linear TV screens, has made a surprising discovery about Stormy Daniels appearance on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday night. Using its proprietary technology to detect TV tuning in out-of-home locations such as bars, gyms, offices and other venues, Tunity found Daniels' highly anticipated interview on "60 Minutes" was one of the highest out-of-home rated shows so far this year.
  • Time Spent In The Nielsen Universe: Ad-Supported Vs. Non-Ad-Supported
    Nielsen on Wednesday released its own proprietary estimates tracking the share of time spent by the average American adult consuming ad-supported vs. non-ad-supported content, across all platforms Nielsen measures, including TV, radio, smartphones, video games and tablets. The share of time spent with ad-supported content in Nielsen's universe has been trending downward, albeit not as dramatically as the overall media universe tracked by PQ Media.
  • ARF Proposes New Standards For Consumer Data, Threatens To Rescind Cambridge Analytica's Ogilvy Award
    Sparked by revelations surrounding the illicit use of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica, the ARF this morning called for new ad industry "guidelines and standards to govern consumer data collection and protection." The federation also announced it is reconsidering a prestigious award it bestowed on Cambridge Analytica last year and will "rescind" it if allegations surrounding its illicit practices are proven to be true.
  • Voters Believe Trump/Daniels Affair, Consider It 'Common'
    Amid rising approval ratings in a number of polls, the tabloid-like aspects of President Donald Trump's alleged extramarital affair with Stormy Daniels appears to be a non-issue for a majority of American voters who say they feel it is common for Presidents of the United States to have had such affairs. The findings, which come from a Morning Consult poll of 1,997 registered voters conducted Monday and Tuesday, shows 52% consider Presidential affairs "common."
  • In, Out Or Something In Between: Trends In Marketing Services
    The bad news for agencies and other external marketing services providers is that two-thirds of marketers are moving more toward in-house capabilities. The bad news is only 3% of them feel they have perfected the skill sets necessary to adequately handle them internally. That's the top-line finding from a study released this morning by NewBase (previously Publicitas International).
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