• MediaCom, Horizon Dominate 2018 New Media Biz In U.S.
    GroupM's MediaCom and independent Horizon Media were the winningest new biz media shops in the U.S. in 2018, according to estimates from Comvergence's just-released New Business Barometer, 2018. While MediaCom dominates in total new business, Horizon had better net new business results after factoring for losses and retentions.
  • Get Your Award-Winning Native Ad Case Studies Here
    The Native Advertising Institute has just released a new ebook, 51 Award-winning Native Advertising Examples - from the 2018 Native Advertising Awards. The ebook features the winners of the 2018 Native Advertising awards and the lessons we can take away from them.
  • Marketers Give Mixed Grades On Listening For Data Signals, Struggle To See Customers As 'Humans'
    Most marketers feel they are doing at least an "okay" job of listening for important behavioral signals about their customers, but a significant number feel they may already have lost sight of the most important thing those signals are supposed to represent: human beings. That's one of the top insights in a new report, "Bringing A Human Voice To Customer Choice," being released today by CMO Council in partnership with Harte Hanks. Asked what their greatest consumer data challenge actually is. 29% of senior marketing executives responding to a survey said: "thinking about our customers as humans...not just targets."
  • Automotive Leads In Brand Content Effectiveness, 'Media' Performs Below Average
    The automotive industry is the most effective for brand content of all those measured by Havas in its just-released 2019 Meaningful Brands study. The report, the latest edition of a study Havas has been conducting every 18 months or so for more than a decade, tracks how meaningful brands are to consumers. The 2019 edition surveyed more than 350,000 consumers about 1,800 brands in 31 countries, and found significant decline in the percentage of brands that are indispensable to most consumers (see related story).
  • Global Ad Consensus Remains Unchanged, But Check Out WARC's Digital Forecast
    Based on the addition of WARC's 2019 ad industry forecast today, "Research Intelligencer" has updated its industry compilation and the result remains essentially unchanged. WARC this morning announced it is projecting the global ad marketplace will expand 4.3% in 2019 to $616 billion.
  • Media Remains World's Most 'Intimate' Brands Category, Auto Ranks No. 2
    Media remains the most "intimate" category in terms of how consumers connect with its brands. That's one of the top findings from the just-released 2019 edition of "intimacy agency" MBLM's "Brand Intimacy Report." The report, which analyzes the emotions of 6,200 consumer respondents across 56,000 brand evaluations covering 15 industries, found the media and entertainment category ranks No. 1 with an index of 47.8, 1.4 points higher than the second most intimate brand category, automotive. The average intimacy index of all categories was 31.0, with travel ranking last at 15.2.
  • It's Official: Digital Overtakes Traditional This Year, Amazon Remains Ascendant
    Well, it's official. Digital will overtake "traditional" media in share of U.S. ad spending this year. That's the news of the day from digital media statsmaster eMarketer, whose updated calculations call for $129.34 billion in digital ad spending this year, vs. just $109.48 billion for traditional media, which includes things like TV, radio, print, out-of-home and directories. By 2023, eMarketer projects digital's trajectory will exceed two-thirds of U.S. ad budgets, up from a 54.2% share this year.
  • Forget Millennials and Gen Xer, It's Your Media Generation That Counts
    Generations have traditionally been defined in 15- to 18-year increments, and given names based on some characteristic of the group's behavior or time period. While there is some disagreement on exact start and end years, these are generally accepted time frames for the seven living generations. In this week's report, I drill into the "media generations" that will matter most to you.
  • Mobile Traffic Poised To Reach A Zettabyte, And With It, Greater Share Of Internet
    Mobile traffic will approach an annual run rate of a zettabyte (1 trillion gigabytes) by the end of 2022, according to a new forecast on global mobile data traffic and speed released today by Cisco. The report projects mobile traffic will account for 20% of all global IP traffic by that data, up from just 5% ten years ago.
  • AI Projected To Be The 'Word' Of 2019, 'Transparency' Dominates 2018
    AI (artificial intelligence), which ranked only third as the word or term of the year for 2018, is projected to be the most important one in the ad industry this year, according to interviews with advertisers and agency executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Research Intelligencer in January.
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