• LinkedIn Ad Growth Decelerates In Wake Of Record Jobless Claims
    In the wake of America's record 3.3 million unemployment claims, eMarketer has lowered the rate of advertising growth for jobs-related social media platform, LinkedIn. LinkedIn advertising, which expanded 36.5% to $1.58 billion in 2019, is now projected to decelerate to an increase of 17.6% in 2020, 11.9% in 2021 and 9.1% in 2022, according to eMarketer's revised outlook.
  • 70% Of Ad Execs Have Already Changed First Half Ad Spending, 25% For The Second Half
    The impact of the pandemic and its social and economic toll has been immediate and pronounced for most advertisers, with 70% already adjusting or pausing their ad spending plans through June, according to findings of a survey of nearly 400 ad executives -- both advertisers and agencies -- conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau last week.
  • Local TV Markets Ranked By COVID-19 Ratings Surge
    In an unusual data visualization, Nielsen ranked the major local TV markets in terms of the percentage change in their TV ratings, which it attributed to COVID-19-related tuning, for the week of March 16 vs. the previous week. Interestingly, Austin, TX, experienced the biggest surge, followed by Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Boston.
  • COVID-19 Spurs Sudden Shift In Consumer Shopping Habits
    Brands, retailers and manufacturers need to be aware of these sudden shifts as the crisis leads consumers to stockpile necessities while also cutting spending.
  • Risk 'Exposure' Soars For Major Media's 2020 Ad Outlooks
    The equities research team at UBS has updated their 2020 media company risk "exposure" heat map, downgrading the outlook for America's biggest suppliers based largely on lower national advertising estimates for the duration of the year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The revisions increase Disney's advertising risk exposure by 25% from earlier in the month, from 9% of the company's revenues to 12%.
  • Stuck-At-Home = Over-The-Top
    Sometimes a curve is worth a thousand words. No, not the COVID-19 infection curve federal and state governments are struggling to flatten, but one provided by TV analytics firm Alphonso showing how stuck-at-home Americans are consuming record amounts of OTT services online. The curve shows a 25% surge in OTT usage since Jan. 31.
  • How The Pandemic Is Impacting The Media Mix, Short-Term
    While the impact of the pandemic has caught most ad executives off guard, the immediate response to their media mix appears to have been a net negative for most media, though some are fairing better than others, according to a survey of more than 200 ad executives conducted last week by Advertiser Perceptions.
  • Pandemic Shifts Consumers To Electronic Media
    Web browsing has tended to surge by 70% from the early stage of the pandemic to the later phase, according to researcher Kantar. Other electronic media follow a similar pattern.
  • The 'New Normal,' Nielsen Analysis Shows COVID-19 Driving Viewing Of Local TV Channels
    Americans have been flocking back to their local broadcasters to get vital news -- as well as to get entertained -- during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report released today by Nielsen. Significantly, the gains have happened across all age groups, including non-adult viewers not known for watching local TV news.
  • Consumers Cautious About Spending Stimulus Checks
    About two-thirds of consumers would would buy food and household supplies with a stimulus check, while almost half of people would save some of the money.
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