• A Brief History Of Cable And Streaming Dramas
    Twenty years ago, the four broadcast networks were the only places you could find new original scripted series programming - and basically only six or seven months out of the year -- since they aired mostly repeats during non-sweeps months and throughout the summer. That started to change in the late 1990s/early 2000s, when "Oz" (1997-2003) and "The Sopranos" (1999-2007) debuted on HBO. Both of these groundbreaking series elevated the scripted drama beyond anything the broadcast networks were capable of doing (restrained as they were by advertiser concerns about language, sexual content, and violence). These two series changed the perception ...
  • Cost, Scale Remain Barriers To OTT Advertising
    Cost, followed by "inadequate metrics," and "lack of large scale of audiences," are the top obstacles to advertisers and agency executives buying more OTT advertising. The finding is derived from an eMarketer analysis of IAB data from March 2019, and is part of a "Connected TV Trends 2020 Roundup" published by eMarketer.
  • Sherwin-Williams, Wayfair Top List of 'Coolest' Ads for 2019
    Acura's "Beat That" commercial was the coolest automotive ad, showcasing the brand's past and current innovations.
  • USPS, Amazon Top List of Most Trusted U.S. Brands
    About two out of five adults said they trusted the USPS in a list that mostly included consumer packaged goods brands like Hershey, Dove and Tide.
  • Industry Sentiment: Agencies More Negative Than Advertisers
    Overall, ad industry executives have a positive view of the advertising and media business, but agency executives are somewhat more negative than advertisers in their current perspective. That's the finding of interviews Advertiser Perceptions conducted for Research Intelligencer at the end of 2019, as part of a benchmark of industry sentiment coming into this year.
  • Infiniti, Walmart, NBA Top List of Most 'Empowering' Ads for 2019
    Infiniti's 60-second spot during the NCAA season highlighted its charitable giving for cancer research.
  • 'Peak TV' Surges 152% Since First Benchmarked In 2009
    Ten years after FX Networks began tallying the number of original scripted shows airing on TV each year, the number has grown 152% to 532 in 2019.
  • Mercedes, Travelers Top List of 'Best Storytelling' Ads for 2019
    Mercedes' "Bertha Benz" spot was No. 1 at triggering a broad range of emotional responses.
  • Pandora, Allstate, Tecate Light Top List of 'Funniest' Ads for 2019
    The funniest ads saw high scores for viewer attention and likeability, a sign of the effectiveness of humor to engage viewers with a branded message.
  • Trend Data Reveals OTT Password Sharing Rising Over Time, Especially Among Younger Americans
    On Wednesday we reported on findings of HUB Entertainment Research's most recent consumer research showing the prevalence of password and log-in sharing for OTT services, including both those reporting giving and/or receiving log-ins from others they don't live with. The findings showed a generational gap, with the youngest demos much more inclined toward this log-in sharing behavior.
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