• News Audiences Continue To Soar, But Kids And Entertainment Approach Normalcy
    Following an unprecedented spike in news viewing, national TV audience patterns are beginning to normalize as kids and general entertainment audiences rebound, according to an analysis of year-to-date data from Nielsen by the equities research team at UBS. While sports isn't likely to rebound at least until live sports events return to TV, the most recent patterns indicate at least some return to normalcy, though news audiences continue to climb.
  • How Retail Brands Have Been Disrupted, How eCommerce Can Help
    Like most brand marketing categories, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail store traffic has been quick and profound, and new report from IPG Mediabrands Reprise unit, makes a case for how eCommerce planning can help manage it for brands dependent on the category.
  • Streaming Approaching One Quarter Of Total TV Usage
    Streaming's share of total TV usage has been inching up week-to-week so far during the pandemic crisis, according to a special report released today by Nielsen. The report, "Streaming TV Update: Key Trends During COVID-19," analyzes the past four weeks of streaming minutes as a share of total TV usage in households capable of receiving streaming services (84% of U.S. TV households).
  • Streaming Subscribers Feel Overwhelmed With Choices
    The value proposition for consumers is changing as subscribing to multiple streaming services can easily rival the cost of a cable or satellite subscription.
  • Consumers Seek 'People-Friendly' Brands During COVID-19 Crisis
    Consumers are gravitating toward brands that demonstrate integrity and a willingness to help people cope with uncertainty, a survey by advertising agency The Variable suggests.
  • Brand Pandemic Grades: Two-Thirds Reassuring, One-Third Alarming
    Brands are playing an indispensable role informing, caring for, comforting and reassuring consumers so far during the pandemic crisis, according to findings of a special report released today by the Edelman Trust Barometer. The study, "Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic," based on more than 12,000 consumers surveyed in 12 national markets worldwide last week, finds 64% of American consumers (65% worldwide) say hearing from brands during the crisis has been comforting and reassuring to them.
  • Advertisers Satisfied With Research Teams: Data Teams, Not As Much
    Advertisers of all sizes are generally pretty satisfied with their research and analytics teams, as well as their consumer research and insights groups, but they are proportionately less satisfied with their data science and analytics operations. At least, that's what the data indicates.
  • Radio Provides Comfort For Harried Listeners Amid COVID-19 Crisis
    Radio provides a media lifeline to consumers who are stuck at home as health officials urge people to isolate themselves from others.
  • TV Shows To Binge When You Have To #StayTheF***Home
    As many of us are working from home, and stuck at home, with no bars or restaurants to go to, no clubs or concerts to attend, and no live sports to watch, it's somewhat comforting to know we live in the era of Peak TV+. OK, not really, but there is more good stuff to watch on TV than ever before, and this week's edition I provide my recommendations for shows worth binge-ing when you have to stay at home.
  • COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Lack Of Trust In Government, Media
    Only 14% of people worldwide said their government is "very prepared" to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Brands have an opportunity to respond to consumer uncertainty by providing greater value and comfort, according to McCann Worldgroup.
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