• What Happens When Consumers Stop Giving Up Data Willingly?
    Consumers have brought privacy rights to the table. A recent poll finds only 41% of Americans say they trust Facebook to obey laws protecting their personal information, vs. 66% who say they trust Amazon, 62% who trust Google, 60% who trust Microsoft, and 47% who trust Yahoo.
  • Search Drives Conversions, Social Drives Website Traffic
    Search engines like Google and Bing had the highest customer conversion rates -- about 8%, more than 1.5 times higher than Facebook's. Google topped the list of highest conversion rates with 8.2%, followed by Bing with 7.6%.
  • Google Searches, Facebook Brand Posts Show Two Sides Of Cambridge Analytica Scandal
    Searches may reflect intent and the concerns of people looking for information -- but when it comes to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some brands have it all wrong.
  • Bing 'Intelligent Search' Features Increase In Speed
    Microsoft has announced an update to Intelligent Answers using Intel's field programmable gate array semiconductor chips, allowing Bing to read and quickly analyze billions of documents across the web and provide the best answer in a fraction of a second.
  • The Google Breakup
    The European Union is considering whether breaking up Google based on antitrust grounds and monopolistic business practices is the only option to enable more competition.
  • Honda Dealership Uses Google 'To Move At The Speed Of The Customer'
    Paragon Honda, in partnership with its agency Team Velocity, collaborated with Google to build a voice assistant app that takes the headaches out of scheduling vehicle maintenance and service.
  • Google Search Taking A Backseat To YouTube?
    Using machine learning and linguistic algorithms to determine what gets the most mentions by companies on their earnings calls, analysts firm CB Insights can tell where companies are headed and what the focus should be for their executives.
  • Amazon Voice Search Attracts Older Shoppers, Younger Consumers Prefer Mobile Phones
    Some 23% of consumers ages 25 to 34 who were surveyed by CPC Strategy prefer to search and shop on a mobile phone, and 27% like to shop via Amazon Echo or Dot.
  • Police Asking Google For Mobile Location Device Data To Help Solve Crimes
    Police in Raleigh, North Carolina are using new legal means to collect location data from devices that come close to crime scenes in an effort to find criminals.
  • No Surprise: Google, Facebook Lose Ad Dollars To Amazon And Snapchat
    As ad agencies pour money into business practices that support search and other types of advertising through Amazon, eMarketer estimates that Google and Facebook will lose market share to Amazon and Snapchat.
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