• Local Search: The Next Big Ring
    Don't ever accuse the dot-com hype machine of taking a nap.
  • Gleanings From IAB's Doubleheader
    While joining hundreds of interactive industry professionals to partake in two full days of sessions, panels, lectures, and networking events with the Interactive Advertising Bureau last week, there was no shortage of column ideas bubbling out of it.
  • Is Search in a Rut?
    At the fall Ad:Tech in New York, there was an abundance of search on the session list.
  • Resolving the Google Desktop Conspiracy Theory
    Strolling the exhibition floor at last week's Ad:Tech, it seemed like nearly every company had some connection to the search space.
  • Locating the Right Local Search Program
    Lately, I've received some e-mails expressing confusion about local ad placement programs and how they might be used within search marketing campaigns.
  • Viewing Customers in Context
    With Google's entry into desktop search, keyword ads can now appear anywhere - in a search engine, in your e-mail, beside a search for files on your computer. If Google launches or brands a browser, as is rumored to be the case, expect that to add more options for search marketers.
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