• Hello Marketers -- Voice Still Frustrates Users
    Voice search has a long way to go before it will replace traditional search methods on a smartphone or smart speaker hub. Perficient's fourth annual study, released Tuesday, shows less than 20% of respondents use a smart speaker to search for information more than five times per week.
  • Timing May Be Perfect For Former Google Ad Exec's Subscription Search Engine Model
    Now might be the time to launch a subscription-based search engine as society changes its view on what works and what doesn't -- for example, the "reckoning" around racism and how it drives advertising in the U.S.
  • Searches On Yelp For Black-Owned Businesses Rose Nearly 2000% Since May
    Yelp released its latest Economic Impact Report outlining the economy as people respond to Black Lives Matter protests and as states begin to re-open and some re-close.
  • Speed Turns Into A Performance Metric, Per Google Commissioned Study
    The study isolated speed as a performance metric to determine whether there is a true correlation to spend, page views, bounce rates and progress in the conversion funnel, through analysis of mobile site data from retail, travel, luxury, and lead-generation brands.
  • Small Business Advertisers Sue Google For Antitrust Violations
    Several business entrepreneurs have filed a class action accusing Google of creating a monopoly in digital advertising and sued the company for antitrust violations under the Sherman Act and California's Unfair Competition Law.
  • Customer Loyalty Overrated -- Marketers Should Consider Consumer Habits Instead
    "What makes competitive advantage truly sustainable is helping consumers avoid having to make a choice," says Marsha Lindsay, CEO, chief analyst, Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem, during an Advertising Research Foundation presentation. Identifying the habits of potential and existing customers will generate greater returns.
  • Drive-In Movie Theaters Give Brands New Opportunity To Reach Consumers
    Brands have a unique opportunity this summer to reach the millions of consumers who are venturing outside to the thousands of drive-in movie theaters that are still operational. Mobile users can say goodbye to the same restrictions they find in indoor movie theaters.
  • Fitness Equipment Brands: Time To Rethink Campaigns As Gyms Re-Open
    From dumbbells to kettlebells and storage for all, the sale of at-home fitness equipment rose by thousands of percentage points during the COVID-19 lockdown compared with 2019, according to eBay sales data.
  • Services Like Instacart Created As A Result Of Pandemic Are Here To Stay
    Search data shows curbside pick-up rose 458% since March 11, and home delivery has begun to drop, falling 30% month-over-month between April and May.
  • Yelp Builds Out COVID-19 Section, As Data Reveals Larger Economic Impact
    Yelp says it will continue to build out its COVID-19 section to help businesses as they re-open after being temporarily shut down by the pandemic.
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