Searches On Yelp For Black-Owned Businesses Rose Nearly 2000% Since May

Yelp released its latest Economic Impact Report outlining the economy as people respond to Black Lives Matter protests and as states begin to re-open and some re-close.

There is increased interest in supporting Black-owned businesses. Searches for Black-owned businesses rose 1,785% since May 25.

Every state has shown an increase in searches for Black-owned businesses.

The report also covers an update on business closure, with 41% of all closures on Yelp marked as permanent.

As of June 15, there were nearly 140,000 total business closures on Yelp since March 1. 

Among those with the highest rate of business closures are shopping and retail, restaurants, beauty and fitness.

Some businesses are starting to recover and re-open. In April, Yelp reported more than 175,000 business closures, indicating that 22% of businesses closed in April have reopened. 

Indoor activities are making a comeback. Weddings are back on, with formalwear up by 102% and bridal wear back up by 70%.



Group dining restaurants are among those making a comeback, from fondue rising 123% to tapas bars rising 98%. Interest in takeout and delivery has started to fall.

For example, interest in restaurants that serve pizza fell 28%, while interest in Chinese food fell 26%, and interest in fast food fell 18%. Still, takeout restaurants are up 148% based on consumer interest relative to pre-pandemic levels.

People are headed back to the mall, and shopping centers and thrift stores all up -- at 84%, 81% and 72%, respectively.

Some businesses related to coping mechanisms during the pandemic have decreased, including cannabis dispensaries, head shops and tobacco shops -- down 40%, 35% and 32%, respectively. 

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