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  • Bernie Sanders' BERN Will Search And Target Voters by Laurie Sullivan (Search Insider on 04/29/2019)

    Allen Shur, It may not be confidential, but are you okay with your friend or family member taking your personal information and giving it away? 

  • Williams Sonoma Pushed The Boundaries Of Permission Marketing And Failed by Laurie Sullivan (Data & Programmatic Insider on 03/25/2019)

    Hi Peter, Thank you for commenting. On my husband's phone, permissions are turned off. He opts out of everything. Waze is just one of them. He won't use Facebook or LinkedIn, and won't download and use most apps, including iTunes, because he doesn't want to give the app permission to access his phone contacts or photos on his phone. 

  • Amazon Advertising Trusted Less Than Some Platforms, Survey Finds by Laurie Sullivan (Digital News Daily on 02/27/2019)

    The Amazon platform is trusted less than Google and Facebook. I know, kind of difficult to believe after all the recent news, but I'm sure "trusted" can be looked at several different ways. How much do you trust something, given a scale from one to 10? Trust that the platform will produce the ROI?  Trust that the ads won't contain ad fraud? Do you automatically stop using a platform because you don't completely trust it?

  • Super Bowl Ad Recall Dips For Brands That Excel Online by Laurie Sullivan (Search Insider on 02/07/2019)

    From Evaluative Criteria:The study was executed with nationally representative online panel sample.  We used an aided list, utilizing the question “Which of the following brands do you recall seeing advertising for during the Super Bowl?”In total we included 69 brands, of those 36 were actual advertisers and 33 were not advertisers during the game.  Within each category we used competitors who advertised as well as those who didn’t to mask it (e.g. Crest vs. Colgate; Devour vs. Stouffer’s, etc.)

  • Super Bowl Ad Recall Dips For Brands That Excel Online by Laurie Sullivan (Search Insider on 02/07/2019)

    Checking on both sets of questions for you, Ed and Ellen. 

  • Alphabet Earnings: Google Cost Per Click Declined 29% by Laurie Sullivan (Search Marketing Daily on 02/04/2019)

    Michael, I think the rise in impression share is display because it's in the "cost-per-impression on Google Network Members' properties" category. 

  • Bacardi Steps 'Back To The Bar' With Renewed Thinking by Laurie Sullivan (Data & Programmatic Insider on 02/04/2019)

    I don't drink this stuff, but here you go.

  • Brands To Gain Consumer Personal Data From California E-Receipt Legislation by Laurie Sullivan (Search Insider on 01/09/2019)

    Hi Robin, Thank you for commenting. I think this will fall in place when it comes to increased privacy regulations, because the consumer would essentially be opting in to provide their email address and/or mobile number. Consumers might still request access ... and deletion rights, as you suggest, but for the most part I do not think they will fight the electronic receipt in California. As for my conclusion, I prefer to pay cash while in a physical store. I feel it's the last place that I can completely remain anonymous. This bill, however, would still allow me to ask for a paper receipt. I just believe, for the most part, most people will not as for one. They will accept the electronic receipt, making it easier for retailers and businesses to collect personal information. 

  • California Bill Would Replace Paper Receipts With Digital, Many Would Be Sent By Email by Ray Schultz (Email Marketing Daily on 01/08/2019)

    The objective for marketers is to have an email address or mobile phone number for each consumer who buys a product at a retail store. It will enable brands to connect online and in-store purchases more easily, even when the consumer pays cash. Imagine that. Companies finally found a way to eliminate the word "anonymous" when it comes to a purchase. 

  • Adobe Debuts Virtual Analyst For Analytics by Laurie Sullivan (Digital News Daily on 09/24/2018)

    Henry, I asked John the same question about the significance of the data. No data is insignificant. It's really how you use it and the ability of your technology to process it. Do you remember when CPG companies began using RFID chips in their physical inventory supply chain to track the delivery of goods from manufacturing to warehouses? Walmart and target started the trend. Those chips collected millions of data points, but the companies only needed specific ones at any given time. They might have used 200 data points for some deliveries and 100 for another. It depended on location, type of product and other factors. I believe this is what Adobe is trying to do. Collect all the data and only use the data points relevant to that specific campaign. Another campaign might require other data points.  

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