• Fake Reviews Surge In 2021
    The data is part of Trustpilot's Transparency Report released this week, which analyzes data across its platform to provide an in-depth analysis of the state of fake reviews.
  • Google Releases Privacy Sandbox Timeline Updates
    Its current design proposals are focused on supporting mobile devices and apps, but many are asking whether it will support CTV devices. Here is the list of updates and progress made. Developers are also asking whether Privacy Sandbox will support Kotlin, a new JVM language that has become the go-to programming language used for Android development.
  • Gannett-Owned LOCALiQ Releases 2022 Search Advertising Benchmarks
    The typical cost per click for a search ad in 2022 is between $2 and $4, with Attorneys & Legal Services, Dentists & Dental Services, and Home & Home Improvement owning the highest average CPC at $6 to $8 per click.
  • DuckDuckGo Launches National Ad Campaign For TV, Radio - Watching You
    Tracker Radar data suggests the feeling of being watched isn't just a feeling. Google trackers are embedded in 79.2% of the top 75,000 websites across the internet, giving the company the ability to watch almost everything a person does online.
  • Why Marketers Are Misinformed About What Consumers Want
    As U.S. workers settle back into a hybrid work model, two commuter studies examine the impact of digital-out-of-home screens on consumer perception.
  • Google Takes Another Look At Smart Glasses, Focuses On Translation
    Voice interactions in search technology could become the backbone of a new product from Google. The teased technology during the "one more thing" moment at the end of its main Google I/O 2022 keynote.
  • Google New Ranking Signal To Support Skin Tones In Image Search
    Google plans to incorporate a new signal into image ranking with a schema to make its image search results more inclusive and diverse, representing a wide range of skin tones -- which is important to computer vision technology.
  • DuckDuckGo Adds Feature To Block Google Topics And Fledge
    DuckDuckGo has developed a feature its Chrome extension to block Google's tracking and ad targeting methods and interactions on websites called Topics and FLEDGE (First Locally-Executed Decision over Groups Experiment). .
  • Search Offsets 'Low Stock' And 'Out Of Stock' Ecommerce Messages, Study Shows
    Smarter search optimization and tactics can sell items in stock, according to Lucidworks' data. Mismatched recommendations aren't the only reason shoppers leave the site without making a purchase. Some 15% of shoppers said they usually end up on a "no results" page when an item they look for is out of stock, rather than the site making a recommendation.
  • Google Still Serves More Than Half Of UK Shopping Ads
    Searchmetrics' analysis suggests Google may have stopped trying to increase competition on Google Shopping in the UK since the country left the European Union under Brexit.
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