Google Leads In Negative Media Perception Around AI, Ethics

The marketplace for artificial intelligence is worth billions. The exact number can fluctuate, depending on the company that is asked, but one thing is certain -- Gartner’s survey of CEOs put the technology at the top of their list for 2022.

Despite rapid growth, serious concerns over how the technology will be used -- ranging from search and facial-recognition misuse to biased decision making in finance and other sectors -- continue to undermine the growth of the industry and pose a serious risk for companies using the technology.

Signal AI has released data detailing the AI companies that have received the best and worst coverage and overall media sentiment when it comes to “Business Ethics” from March 2021 through March 2022.     

The company used its technology -- AI Affinity API -- to determine which companies are  most focused on the topics of AI and business ethics, and then determine which companies received the most positive, negative, and neutral coverage during that time.



Among the biggest AI and technology-focused companies companies in the S&P 500, Google received the most negative coverage related to the topic of AI and Business Ethics during the past 12 months -- with an estimated 995 negative articles, followed by Amazon with 465, Microsoft at 204, Meta with 75, Apple with 64, Tesla with 18, and Nvidia with 6.

Despite Amazon’s high negative number -- 465 -- its Amazon Web Services division received a positive perception when it comes to the AI tech space.

Signal AI’s research also looked into which AI technology companies -- regardless of S&P status -- had positive perception around AI and Business Ethics in media from March 2021-March 2022. AWS emerged at the top with 301 positive pieces of coverage, followed by DeepMind with 217, Nvidia with 202, Baidu with 144, Waymo with 90, with 87, Tesla with 68, Argo AI with 39, Cruise Automation with 26, and Mobileye with 3.
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