• Mastercard GAI Shakeup Whether You Like It Or Not
    Mastercard AI tech searches for answers as changes happen faster than many would expect, like it or not.
  • If Bill Gates Had Invented AI
    Computers today require the user to lead the machine. In the not too distant future, computers will run on agents.
  • A Data Frenzy At Microsoft Advertising
    It seems Microsoft Advertising is providing more ways for publishers and advertisers to gain analysis of data.
  • Cyber Monday Expected To Generate $12B In Shopping Revenue
    Online spend hit $5.6 billion on Thanksgiving Day, with Cyber Week forecast to hit $37.2 billion -- up 5.4% YoY, according to Adobe Analytics. Mobile is expected to overtake desktop for the first time this holiday season.
  • Amazon, TikTok, Spotify High On List Of Mobile Data-Sharing Apps
    Mobile web traffic and apps play a major role in shopping this holiday weekend. A Microsoft consulting firm released the names of the apps sharing the most consumer data to third-parties.
  • AI Shows Ad Industry Its Future
    AI began teaching the ad industry how to reinvent itself nearly 30 years after it served its first online banner ad. AT&T purchased it to promote its You Will campaign on HotWired, now wired.com.
  • Data Shows Consumers Plan To Cut Holiday Spending
    Welcome to the unpredictability that lies ahead during the holiday weekend. It's never a good time for Google to confirm a reporting bug, especially just days before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  • In Sam Altman Advertisers Trust
    People like Sam Altman who put everything on the line to challenge the status quo face risk with a focus on success even if that means some type of failure along the way.
  • Mozilla's Future In Chatbots, Large Language Models
    Saoud Khalifah is building Mozilla review products for Amazon, Best Buy, eBay and others based on large language models and generative AI that take the company in a new direction.
  • Google AI Delivers What's On Your Mind
    The technology generates shoppable products by describing an image, with a search query that matches a consumer's vision of a product.
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