• Apple Search Ads Conversion Price Skyrockets In Q4 2021
    Marketers and developers paid much more for a conversion in Apple Search Ads during Q4 2021 than they have in the past, according to SplitMetrics. The average CPA in Q4 2021 came in at at $3.64, up from $2.58 in Q3.
  • Merkle Capitalizes On The Unique Snowflake
    Consumers continue to demonstrate a new willingness to switch brands as inflation rises and supply chains leave gaps on physical shelves and in online shopping carts. Ad targeting that relies heavily on data and precision can sometimes bring customers back, but not always.
  • Meta Warns Against Using Watchbait
    Meta defines watchbait as "withholding key information, sensationalizing content, or misleading viewers about the true nature of the video." Just like clickbait, it is used to lure or bait people into watching the full video.
  • TikTok Experiments With Search Ads
    Platforms need to find new ways to generate revenue as recession and war come between a company and the way it has historically generated revenue.
  • How Vrbo Lifted Ranking On YouTube And In Google Search
    Pacific, a global performance marketing agency focused on content and search, found a way to repurpose content from Vrbo's travel guides to use in videos ranking high on YouTube and Google Search, when the engine serves mixed results to answer a search query.
  • Snap Acquires Brain-Computer Interface Technology
    Snap may finally hold a significant clue to the next generation of search. Here's why it's important.
  • 70% Of Businesses Still Looking For The Correct Consumer Experience
    Nearly three-quarters of business leaders say a deeper understanding of customers is more important now than before the pandemic, with 74% looking to connect with them more on social media and 72% looking to increase customer retention and loyalty, a study finds.
  • Microsoft Advertising Makes Reporting Intuitive As GMV Hits All-Time High
    Most shoppers now begin their product searches on digital channels, and studies show 1 in 3 store purchases begin online. Ecommerce will make up 63% of growth for all total gross merchandise value between 2021 and 2026, outpacing every other in-store retail channel.
  • How Tiny Differences In Words Affect Google Search Rankings
    Can small differences in words impact Google Search ranking positions? It's an important question, as companies develop software that can identify misinformation and score articles in search results.
  • Visably Details How To Measure Brand Performance In Search With These Metrics
    Customers are more likely to learn about a brand and make a purchase decision on a third-party website. Visably found a new way to measure a brand's performance in search, not the website.
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