• How Apple IDFAs Still Affect Advertising
    PubMatic looked at the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) opt-in rates after Apple introduced it. The company noticed rates have stabilized for the most part, but there are several app categories where the market continues to rapidly change.
  • Durability Of SEO In Key Economic Moments
    Visa suggests more people used credit cards to purchase in Q2. How does SEO fit in with spending trends? BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu shares some insights with "Search and Performance Marketing Daily."
  • LinkedIn Goes Beyond Profiles To Launch B2B Marketing Community
    In the midst of earnings reports, LinkedIn on Tuesday launched a community for B2B marketers, giving them a place of their own.
  • Amazon Prime Day May Be A Benchmark For Spending Trends And The Economy
    Adobe on Tuesday released data on themes and categories around consumer Prime Day spending habits and believes it will be a benchmark for spending for the remainder of the year.
  • Instacart Partners With Chase To Launch Mastercard Credit Card
    Instacart now offers a Mastercard Credit Card, and announced a partnership with JP Morgan Chase Friday, marking its first co-branded credit card. I'm almost tempted to jump in, but I live in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming without an Instacart delivery service.
  • YouTube's Creative Ecosystem Contributed $25B To U.S. GDP
    The Oxford Economics Study - The State of The Creator Economy - looks at how content impacts the economy, examining the economic, societal and cultural impact of YouTube in the U.S. last year.
  • TikTok Owner Spent 130% More On Lobbying In U.S. In Q2 Vs. Q1
    TikTok owner ByteDance spent $2.1 million on lobbying in Q2 2022, up 130% from the previous quarter, and $4.7 million for the year in 2021, according to a public disclosure filed Wednesday.
  • Google Launches Ad-Creation Tools, Resets Improvements For Gmail, Calendar
    Google on Wednesday announced three ad creation tools to make collaboration easier. The tools offer asset storage and organization, feature for advertisers to quickly create video ads for YouTube, and a voice-over audio tool now integrated into the video creation tool.
  • Desktop Ad-Blocking Creeps Up, PageFair Reports
    Blockthrough, a firm that helps publishers recover ad revenue otherwise lost to ad-blocking software, released research showing desktop ad blocking rose 5% in 2021, with 290 million users worldwide.
  • Google Changing Ranking Of Personal Data Websites Based On Privacy Concerns?
    Google continues to reduce the rankings of some information-broker websites that make a business out of displaying personal data.
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