• Local Search: What A Difference A Year Makes
    Last July, I wrote about how Google+ played a key role in local search. Guess what? Google has since completely removed Google+ references from local search results. What else has changed? As part of Google's mobile push, the 7-Pack is now a 3-Pack. Also, Apple Maps now dominates Google Maps for iPhone users. Anything else? Oh yeah, Google has created a Map Maker community to help make Google Maps work even better.
  • FPD+RFM, FTW! A Column About Google's Customer Match
    If the currency of the 2000s (the "aughts"?) was the keyword, the currency of the teens will surely be the audience. Intent-driven marketing is still awesome, but for many businesses, audience-based campaigns are what drive the most scale. So it's no surprise that Google has launched its own audience-based product, called Customer Match.
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