• It's Time To Listen To The Advice You're Getting
    Do businesses really need to be told that that the whole reason behind making oneself visible online is to connect with customers, who are actually people, not algorithms? Sadly, the answer is probably yes.
  • Large Companies Can Capitalize On Local Search, Too
    The advantages to location-based search and advertising for small and medium businesses are obvious, but big businesses don't need to miss out on the opportunity
  • It's The Keyword, Stupid
    Search is shaping up to play a big role in candidates' strategies this election season. Google has already taken some major steps to serve the national candidates.
  • Are You Ready For Voice Search?
    Consumers, meanwhile, are adopting voice search at an alarming pace. Already, 20% of mobile users are using voice search on their mobile devices, according to Global Web Index, and more than half of 13-to-18-year-olds reportedly use it every day.
  • Q&A: The Value Of SEO For Small Businesses
    Small business are neglecting SEO even if they have a Web site, thinking that it's too complicated or not for them. But SEO - and being at the top of a search engine page - can help these businesses grow and meet their goals.
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