• Do We Want a Smarter Search Engine?
    Search engines are knocking on the door of the future. The 800-pound gorillas of search and brash new upstarts like Blinkx and Gurunet are working to find a way to make search more intuitive, ubiquitous, and intelligent.
  • Engage, Empower, Break Through
    While thousands of interactive professionals attended Interactive Advertising World last week, over 600 others spent a couple of days with Forrester Research's Consumer Forum, and it's worth sharing a few highlights.
  • Search Marketing and the Need for Business Intelligence
    Search marketing is still in its "wet cement stage." As it gets more mature, the amount of data to manipulate to actually make sense of a search campaign for marketers will grow exponentially.
  • Breaking Through the Paid Search Glut
    With all the coverage about possible keyword inventory shortages in paid search, one question seldom asked is, "If there's overcrowding, and your company still finds value in paid search, how are you going to stand out?"
  • David vs. Goliath... vs. Goliath: Blinkx and the Future of Search
    While the elephants dance, there's sometimes an opportunity for a mouse to change the world. And that may be just what's happening in the world of search.
  • Polling Hispanic Search Users
    Much has been made of the targeting opportunities with search, whether it's on a geographic level, or connecting with customers at a certain point in the buying cycle. But, search isn't just for Anglos.
  • eHow to Resurge From the Dot-Com Abyss
    A dormant dot-com is back from the dead, and its rebirth is a case study in search.
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