• Marketers Spent 165% More On Amazon Sponsored Product Ads In Q2
    While Sponsored Products took the majority of Q2 ad spend, ad spending on Headline Search Ads also rose -- up 162% year-over-year, according to Merkle's data.
  • Google Updates Permission Rights In Search Console
    User management and collaboration updates are the features that seem to be most appreciated, based on Webmaster forum comments. Users view the control console as an important resource.
  • Google Rolls Out Search Engine For Veterans
    Google has rolled out a series of search tools to help former members of the military find jobs, which allows veterans to enter a military branch code to see results for relevant civilian job openings that match their skills.
  • Attention Spans Are Growing
    The research attempts to prove that business professionals are paying more attention for a longer period of time, but there's no scientific proof as to why.
  • 'Near Me' Searches Don't Need Keywords To Find Local Goods, Services
    About 69% of consumers use their smartphone to help them shop. Some 63% use the phone to research products, while 62% compare prices, 56% look for coupons or deals, 54% check for store hours, and 52% find nearby store locations, according to survey reports released Monday.
  • Marketers Must Rethink Mobile Search Content Served To Kids
    Ting's digital lifestyle survey provides insight into issues around kids' digital safety and content consumption. Ting is a MVNO service and division of Tucows that supports U.S. consumers.
  • Facebook Losing Friends
    Facebook seems to be losing not only marketers, but also major tech companies -- most recently Apple, after Facebook violated its app store data-collection policy.
  • Advertisers Looking For Google Alternative
    Some 71% of marketers are seeking alternatives to advertising online with Facebook and Google as they become more concerned with how the two control trends and business models. Recent reports suggest that marketers are looking at Amazon, for example, as an alternative.
  • When Advertising Becomes Obsolete
    Advertising as a way to provide information doesn't work anymore, according to an assistant professor of law at the University of Kentucky.
  • Remaking Zebra
    Zebra Technologies reported Q2 2018 earnings 13% higher to $1.01 billion compared with the year-ago quarter. The company should be on the minds of search marketers, as search becomes the support hub for internet-of-things devices.
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