• Google Kids Space On Android, A Lifetime Branding Experience
    Can parents trust Google enough to commit to Kids Space -- meant to be a selling point for Android devices and create lifetime fans -- and buy into the services?
  • IAB: The Impact Of COVID-19 On Data Spending
    COVID-19 has impacted the short- to mid-term marketing spend for marketers, but the long-term impact is much less certain, according to The State of Data report published by the IAB Programmatic + Data Center of Excellence and Winterberry Group.
  • Yext Takes On Milky Way Search Algorithm Update Leveraging BERT
    Leveraging the natural-language processing search algorithm powering Yext Answers within Named Entity Recognition allows Yext Answers to better distinguish locations from other entities such as people, jobs, and events.
  • CVS Aggregates Two Decades Of Data To Run Its Newly Launched Media Network
    CVS has introduced a media network that allows brands to buy ad space online and offline and will rely on its loyalty data as cookies begin to disappear.
  • Consumers Age 65 And Older Are Attracted To Non-Brand Terms
    Microsoft provides data and details how marketers can successfully connect with consumers who are age 65 and older.
  • How Political Views Of College Students Influence Their Media Consumption
    An August poll found 71% of college students are "absolutely certain" they will vote. Yet students lack confidence in the legitimacy of this election.
  • How Jack Daniel's Parent Brown-Forman Proves Content Performance
    Brown-Forman has been working with Tenovos since April to tell stories, connect its brands with consumers, and measure campaign performance.
  • YouTube Ads Making An Impact, Brands Benefiting From Content Made For Kids
    YouTube on Thursday released a list of direct-response ads ranking high on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, featuring the top TrueView for Action ads that ran to date in 2020 across the U.S.
  • Why Oracle, Not Microsoft, Should Buy TikTok
    "We live in a data economy," says Trip Chowdhry, managing director, Global Equities Research. "Your information as an American citizen is a national treasure."
  • Yelp Expands Tools To Help Businesses With Recruiting As COVID-19 Transforms Hiring
    Yelp has expanded its new guided questionnaires, adding 100 business categories and starting the hiring process by requesting a quote, appointment or consultation as C-level execs strive to gain insights about potential prospects through questions and video chat platforms.
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