• Mozilla Renews Google Search Deal
    Terms of the deal were leaked after Mozilla announced plans to lay off more than 250 employees last week. Mozilla's current search deal with Google was scheduled to expire at the end of the year.
  • COVID-19 Cozy: How Church's Chicken Got Closer To Consumers
    Church's Chicken took a digital-first approach offline and online to get willing customers to give up personal information and share a little bit about themselves.
  • Google Server-Side Tagging Introduced To Improve Performance, Consumer Data Security
    Google on Thursday introduced Server-Side Tagging to Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360, allowing companies to move third-party tags off their website and into a new server container hosted in their Google Cloud account.
  • Retailers May Stop Using 'Black Friday' In Their Holiday Ads
    Should the industry say goodbye to "Black Friday" and replace it with "Cyber Week" once and for all? Data suggests that this year, Cyber Monday will extend from the day after Thanksgiving through the following week, with more consumers planning to shop online rather than in crowded stores.
  • Google's Search Preference Menus Could Drive Its Mobile Market Share Down
    Tests show people will scroll for options before making a search engine selection. DuckDuckGo analysis suggests Google could be placed on the last screen of any search preference menu.
  • Hey Marketers, Consumers Believe Privacy Is A Human Right
    Consumers are finally paying attention to how brands use their data and many distrust how it is used. KPMG surveyed 1,000 North American consumers to learn more on how they feel about data privacy. The survey reveals consumers still agree data privacy is important, but now they want companies to take significant steps to better protect, manage and ethically use their data.
  • Third-Party Cookie Implosion As AI-Powered CDP Mixes With Customer Identity Data Expert
    The partnership, which gives advertisers an alternative to rebuilding campaigns based on permissioned first-party data, will launch with a few large consumer brands in beta.
  • Disney's Exodus From Facebook Benefited Amazon
    Pathmatics estimates 180 brands joined the boycott, halting Facebook spend as early as late June to show their solidarity with the #stophateforprofit campaign. Here's what the data looks like.
  • Searchspring Buys 4-Tell, Boosts Ecommerce Personalization
    4-Tell brings brands such as Bob's Red Mill, Dakine and 2Modern. Searchspring supports brands such as Kate Somerville, Moen, Natori and Volcom.
  • Google Not Yet Invited To Join Ad Industry Group To Solve A Problem It Helped To Create
    The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, announced Tuesday, includes trade groups, brands and ad-tech companies and aims to convince browser and platform developers, such as Apple and Google to reconsider their decisions made around tracking, tracing and ad targeting across websites and apps.
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