• Google Could Bring Nest Back Under Its Wing -- Why Marketers Will Care
    Google now connects my home with my mobile device and my laptop. When I remotely change my thermostat setting from another state it sends me a variety of signals that it can tell.
  • eBay Lets Consumers Shop By Google Assistant
    eBay engineers collaborated with Google, allowing developers to carry a voice conversation on Google Home to a mobile phone. When the consumer tells Google Home that she wants to buy an item on eBay, it easily switches the conversation from the Home device to the phone.
  • Search Drives Majority Of Cyber Monday Conversions: Adobe
    Shopping hit a new record with the greatest number of online sales at $6.59 billion. Overall web traffic to retail sites rose nearly 12%, with mobile setting a new record representing 47.4% of visits led by smartphones at 39.9% and tablets by 7.6%.
  • Ranker CEO 'Nerds Out' Over Data, Programmatic And Search
    Ranker CEO Clark Benson found a way to roll up the site's pop culture-focused ranking data into a package that supports search engine optimization, programmatic media buys, and ad targeting.
  • Cyber Monday May Look Different In 2018 If FCC Dismantles Net Neutrality
    Searching, streaming, and making purchases could look a whole lot different during the next Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday weekend compared with years past. That's if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rolls back net neutrality.
  • Google Tracks Android Phones Even When Location Services Are Disabled
    The idea is to use the Cell ID codes as an additional signal to improve the speed and performance of message delivery, but the data was never used for stores.
  • Search Ads Impacted By Word Choice
    Word choice is critical in advertising copy, especially during the holidays with brands using phrases like "free shipping" vs "fast shipping." Research released Tuesday shows which words work best.
  • Consumers Search For Black Friday Deals More Than Cyber Monday
    Using data from Google Trends, the maps show the states with the highest amount of searches for eight terms on desktop and mobile. Four have been averaged together for each shopping day. The terms analyzed were Black Friday deals, Black Friday deals 2017, Black Friday sales, Black Friday sales 2017, Cyber Monday deals, Cyber Monday deals 2017, Cyber Monday sales, and Cyber Monday sales 2017.
  • Google AMP Update To Discourage Publishers From Using 'Teaser Pages'
    Publishers have developed workarounds -- AMP teaser pages that allow readers on mobile devices searching for content on google.com to find the content on regular pages, but click through from AMP-only sections on Google.
  • Voice: When Is It Okay To Hear An Ad?
    Although voice is the new user interface and search tool and a source of revenue for brands, the software behind hardware assistants doesn't always work. Eighty-five percent of respondents to a survey released by Invoca on Thursday said they would type keywords into an online search if the voice assistant couldn't produce adequate answers when buying a product or contacting a business.
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