• Machine-To-Machine Everything Influences Search In 2020
    Continuous intelligence -- the ability to continuously analyze and extract data from search and internet-connected devices -- will consolidate the IoT analytics market and enable more advanced analytics in near real-time, ABI Research says.
  • What You Read: The 'Search Insider' Top 10 In 2019
    Adult websites gaining traction from mobile devices, DuckDuckGo and Microsoft Bing increases in search traffic, Bernie Sanders' new way to search and target voters, and Mary Meeker's annual internet trends report caught your attention in 2019. But that's not all. Here's a list of the top ten interests that also includes data, rebranding and acquisitions.
  • Google: Suggestions To Transition Websites Into 2020
    Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller answered top-of-mind questions on everything from crawl-rate settings in Google Search Console to the differences between data in Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Italy's New Tax Hits B2B Transactions Like Online Advertising
    Italy soon will join France in applying a new tax on large tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google's parent Alphabet.
  • SEO Data On LinkedIn Shows Newfound Interest
    There are 47,500 job openings that match the keyword SEO on LinkedIn and about 909,000 that match the same keyword. Growth advisor and SEO strategic consultant Eli Schwartz looked at the same metrics for other job roles. For software engineers the ratio turns up 10:1; product managers, 30:1; and designers, 23:1.
  • Bing Query Disinformation: Digging Deeper Into Stanford's Research
    For me, the study presented several unanswered questions. I wondered how personalization or location of IP address might skew the query results. So I reached out to ask the authors of the report - Bing's Top Search Results Contain an Alarming Amount of Disinformation.
  • Why Email, Website Visits Drove 58% Of Traffic To Online Retailers The First 3 Weeks Of November
    Google Organic Search contributed 23%, with Google Search Ads at 12%, Facebook at 6% and Instagram at 1%, an analysis of online holiday shopping trends data from Israel-based Oribi found.
  • Google Search Features Impact Organic Search CTRs
    A study from Perficient Digital analyzes how Google search features impact user click-through rate behavior, with features including related searches, People Also Ask boxes, video carousels, and knowledge graph.
  • Google Calls Out Mapping Challenges And How Data Contributes To Solutions
    Google Maps developers seem to be finally recognizing the need for different data types in Maps for rides and deliveries, which they consider a very different challenge versus "general mapping."
  • Affiliate Traffic, App Use Decline During Holidays
    The top 100 shopping sites saw an average of 147.3 million daily visits from August through October, according to recent data.
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