• Why Advertising Is Poised To Become Amazon's Main Business
    Advertising is now worth nearly five times as much as Amazon's retail business.
  • Merkle's Cookie-Crumble Guide To The Future
    With the deprecation of third-party cookies comes confusion. Merkle in early June released a guide outlining the history of privacy regulations, and how organizations can own their first-party data future.
  • How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Biz Exceeded $1 Billion For The Quarter
    The company's ad business surpassed $1 billion in revenue in Q2 2021 for the first time -- up 97% year-over-year, growing three times faster than the category.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index Sees AOL Stumble, Google And Bing Remain Stable, Others Improve
    Customer satisfaction with search engines and information sites fell for Verizon Media's AOL by 3%, remained stable for Google and Bing and improved by 1% for all others like Yahoo, Ask, MSN, and Answers, according to data released Tuesday. Twitter fell by 10% in 2021 compared with 2020.
  • Apple, Google, Facebook: Regulation Roller Coaster Could Lead To China-Like Moves In U.S.
    "We're on the verge of having platforms and companies so powerful and so influential in the political process that they're ungovernable," Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer told Bloomberg. He expects Congress to pass legislation to rein in big tech companies.
  • Search: WHO's Next Step To Rid The Web Of Misinformation
    "We pour out too much content," says Christopher Strebel, manager of DCX, World Health Organization during a virtual conversation with Yext founder Howard Lerman. "About 1,000 pieces of content are created weekly. It's so fast that sometimes it slows the system."
  • Automotive Goes Through Do-Over
    Some of the do-overs come from Penske Automotive Group, Cox Automotive, and Google.
  • Google Ads: 3 Strikes And You're Out
    Google has begun piloting a three-strike penalty protocol aimed at accounts that repeatedly violate ad policies. No doubt it's a takeoff from California's three-strike law, now defunct.
  • Beauty Brands Losing Organic Search Traffic To Publishers, Informational Websites
    Among the top 22 market-share holders in skincare, 17 are publishers or informational websites -- capturing 62.34% of available search traffic.
  • TikTok Taps Vimeo To Go After SMB Market
    TikTok and Vimeo want to explore ways to support performance marketing.
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