• Lesson Learned, Part 2
    In my last article, I predicted that the days of advertisers accepting standardized ad rates based only on yearly readership or viewership audits and not bottom-line business results are ending--sooner rather than later. Looks like sooner just became now....
  • Wise Words About Branding From The Usability Sage
    Jakob Nielsen knows a lot about usability. He's perhaps the world's foremost expert on how people use Web sites....
  • Search Is What's On Your Mind
    Last month I attended my 10-year college reunion, where the first question out of most everyone's mouth was, "What are you doing these days?" As soon as I got back to New York, I ran (of course!) vanity searches on Google on almost everyone I spent time with because, hey, I am in the search business....
  • Search: The Newspaper Slayer?
    Those fingered in a game of "Clue: Media Edition" included Ms. Blog in the den with a $30 iPod microphone, Mr. Craigslist in the attic with a free classified ad, and Colonel Search Engine in Mountain View and Sunnyvale with a new media paradigm....
  • Should Dayparting Make You Nervous?
    Last week, Google rolled out automated dayparting?the ability to automatically serve ads toward optimal times of the day. This is good news for search: it's bound to greatly heighten advertisers' precision, and eliminate campaign waste. What's more, Google dayparting will be free. (Until now, automated dayparting was available only through third-party search firms.)
  • How To Convert The Search
    How do you dramatically increase the effectiveness of your search engine marketing without even logging in to AdWords? You do it by developing, testing and refining landing pages and by deep- linking your campaigns.
  • Yahoo Has The Answers, Google Still Searching
    Google may be the king of search, but in one area at least, Yahoo is kicking Google's can around the block. The upstart Yahoo! Answers has blown by the venerable Google Answers (venerable at least by Internet time, having been around since May 2002), and seems to be drawing rave reviews from analysts and users alike. The service launched in December of 2005 and had its 10 millionth question posted in May. When it comes to share of the online answer market, it has amassed about 10 times the traffic that Google Answers has in the past 6 months, according …
  • Search Innovation Spotlight On: World Cup Soccer
    Savvy search marketers know that while you cannot always grow the number of searches for your best performing keywords, it is often possible to hitch your search marketing star to keywords tied to events or personalities that are getting a high volume of searches. Such an opportunity exists right now for those who can capitalize on the mania for World Cup Soccer.
  • Five Takes on 800 Pounds
    The latest announcements from Google have been released at such a frenetic pace and cover such wide territory that it helps to review all the pieces in one place, deconstruct what the real meaning is for marketers, and understand how they affect the competitive landscape.
  • How Search Branding Is Better
    In traditional advertising, each segment along the buy-flow works independently from the next. But search is different....
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