• Why Can't Everything Be Searchable?
    I ask this question all the time after finding just what I was looking for on Google or Yahoo in a matter of seconds. Wouldn't it be nice if you could search your house just as easily? Imagine entering a query for "brown Teva sandals home" or "paprika kitchen cabinet" and getting those same quick results.
  • Search And The C-Level Ceiling
    What is the No. 1 thing that keeps the sales teams at Yahoo, Google and MSN up at night? It's not click fraud, it's not capping of bid prices, and it's not counting their stock options. This is another "C" word. I call it the C-Level Ceiling.
  • The Emergence of Mobile Search And Its Impact on Advertising
    Search is moving from the desktop to mobile devices. Thanks to the search training we've all received from online veterans like Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay, search on mobile devices promises to be an extremely efficient sales and marketing channel....
  • Ubiquitous Blurbs: The Future of Search
    Cara: You should do a column on how no one makes up their own mind about anything anymore, and how everyone relies on what everyone else says first.... A conversation, partly verbatim and mostly imagined, with Cara, this week's guest Insider.
  • Bigger Metrics Are Best
    In the marketing world, there's a tendency to assess campaign success in ways that look at individual conversions, rather than considering the big picture....
  • What Retailers Want From Search
    What I discovered from working a trade show: I didn't talk to anyone who was completely lacking in knowledge about search engine marketing; there were simply varying degrees of knowledge and understanding.
  • American 'Idol'izing Google Trends
    Using search trends to handicap the results of "American Idol."
  • Beantown, Fenway, And The Seasonality Of Search
    What do swan boats, crowds headed to Fenway, and a marathon have in common? Around here, they spell springtime in Beantown....
  • Read On For An Exciting Chance To Win More Customers!
    I've been hearing many discussions lately on search's role in the so-called media mix. How common is integration now? It's hard to measure, though anecdotally more examples come to mind. Yet one type of integration I'm seeing little of is tying promotional campaigns to search.
  • To Recoup Click-through Losses, Redirect
    All about behavioral search retargeting, the logical next step in a broader evolution for search.
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