• Video Ads Rock Online, Adobe Predicts Cyber Monday Will Pull In $10-12 Billion
    Adobe Insights data estimates this year's Cyber Monday will become the largest online sales day in history, generating $10.8 billion to $12.7 billion online -- at least $13 million spent per minute.
  • Facebook Conversion-Lift Tool Suffered Glitch
    Now Facebook admits its conversion-lift tool suffered a glitch that reportedly affected thousands of ads between August 2019 and August 2020. The mishaps shouldn't occur in an industry with sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence and machine leaning driving its multibillion-dollar revenues.
  • Brands Talk -- What Does Yours Say Without Saying It?
    Brand messages play a powerful role. What message does your brand send consumers as the world enters the top five shopping days of the year?
  • Eco-Friendly Consumers Worried About Black Friday Online Purchases, Mother Earth
    Consumers are focused on how online shopping impacts the environment, driving eco-related searches up 2250%. Many retailers will close on Thanksgiving and are posting their Black Friday deals online.
  • Google Search Comprehends More -- How Much More?
    What if between every question the person in conversation lost their train of thought and forgot the topic? That's kind of what would happen in Google Search until recently.
  • Site Search Makes Or Breaks Holiday Revenue in Time Of COVID-19
    Websites can be built and managed by in-house engineering teams with open-source tools or third-party tools. How are you managing your website? Here are some tips.
  • 65% Of Consumers Say Digital Engagement Falls Short Of Expectations
    Data silos are increasingly frustrating consumers. Some 87% in a survey by the CMO Council found it frustrating when engaging in multiple channels and having to repeat themselves each time.
  • Apple Begins 2021 With 2 Major Changes That Advertisers, Developers Need To Know
    One change is part of an App Store Small Business Program. Apple's IDFA identifier will have a major impact on advertisers and publishers.
  • Marketers Mostly Clueless About Apple IDFA Changes
    Some 73% of marketers expect a negative impact of IDFA changes on their campaigns and apps, losing about half of identifiers under Apple's opt-in protocol. Targeting, measurement and attribution will be the most challenging, according to an AppsFlyer report released Tuesday.
  • Bing, Rakuten Rebates -- And All The Data That Comes Along With Them
    Rebate submission allows brands to map customers to their location, purchase, spend amount, and other details, which can map out a consumer's journey through additional media and offerings.
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