• LinkedIn Reports Inflated Metrics, Led To Overcharges
    LinkedIn found two metrics glitches that led the platform to miscalculate videos and impressions, but says it will provide refunds and offer more transparency in the future.
  • Performance Agency Tinuiti Adds Instacart To Offering
    Tinuiti, a large independent performance marketing agency, on Thursday added another marketplace to its offering -- Instacart.
  • Google Plans To Add Visual Indicators For Page Experience In Search
    Google will use signals to measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page, and plans to test a visual indicator highlighting pages in search results that might produce a great experience.
  • Pinterest Takes It Home For The Holidays
    Pinterest has released its holiday gift guide, offering information on trends and how brands can help consumers create lasting experiences through movies, cooking, and enjoying their homes.
  • President-Elect Biden: Where The Brands Sit
    How will the next administration affect advertising? Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker called it the "multibillion dollar question" the industry faces, and said "probably the only thing the two parties agree on is how much they hate big tech."
  • TikTok App Generates $115 Million From Users In October
    TikTok was the top non-gaming app last month in generating in-app revenue from users at $115 million, but that fell short of the $130.5 million it generated in September.
  • Advertisers Prepare For U.S. Consumer Privacy Act Modeled After California Proposition 24
    California Proposition 24, also known as the Consumer Privacy Rights Act, will strengthen existing privacy measures in California.
  • Google Finds Balance With Election Results, As Social Media Flounders
    Social media overall -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- did a poor job of handling premature claims on election night and into the following day.
  • Google Trends Reveal What Voters Think
    What issues will drive the results of the presidential election Tuesday? Google Trends data reveals some of the top issues collectively driving decisions.
  • Biden's Website Gains More Visibility In Google Search -- What It Means
    A study of Biden and Trump site rankings found Biden site performance was boosted by queries about the Trump Tax Calculator and by the terms "obama care" and "gun control."
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