• Luxury Search Requires Balance Between Exclusivity, Familiarity
    Many luxury jewelry brands are counting on organic search from generic category terms as well as branded SEO campaigns to direct consumers to their Web sites.
  • Secrets To Topping Search
    It used to be that you could stuff your site with a bunch of keywords, but today's more sophisticated algorithms and marketing techniques require more sophisticated information and solutions.
  • Topping Amazon Search Takes Sales And Smarts
    Ripen eCommerce analyzed more than 746,500 search results to determine what factors influence Amazon searches. The results: sales (mostly), a strong relationship with Amazon and some keyword smarts.
  • To Win At Search, You Need To Be On Top
    According to research from Toronto's Marketing CoPilot, only about a quarter of searchers look past the first five results, and a similar number only look past the first 10.
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