• Google Search News -- John Mueller's New Gig As Anchorman
    As Google defines its position as a news publisher, Mueller will provide recaps "every few weeks" of important releases and changes. The first segment reminded me of Walter Cronkite at CBS News, where he sometimes sat in front of a green screen as images behind him changed. He would always end his broadcasts with "And that's the way it is ... ."
  • Google Advice On Core Ranking Updates
    Google has updated its advice to help marketers determine how updates have impacted website pages that may have taken a hit in the rankings during updates.
  • Deconstructing Amazon's Ecommerce Search Engine
    While Google asks "What results most accurately answer the searcher's query?" Amazon asks "What product is the searcher most likely to buy?"
  • Gartner Optimistic About Visual Search As An Emerging Technology
    Visual search has increasingly become a channel that can drive consumers from becoming aware of a product to making a purchase.
  • Why SEO Isn't Enough
    Digital agency Aimclear has been treating Google sitelinks in paid ads as a navigational tool to websites for several years.
  • The Impact Of Star Ratings And Reviews On Revenue
    The best place to be is between 3.5 stars and 4.5 stars, and five-star-rated businesses have below-average sales.
  • Will Google Become An Energy Broker To Power Internet Technology?
    Google on Thursday announced two new grants from Google.org to provide support for organizations that want to purchase renewable energy.
  • Study Finds CMOs Overlook Search Opportunities To Drive Growth
    Some of the missed opportunities include the role SEM plays in partner and affiliate management. Less than 40% of marketers surveyed agree that paid search can play a strategic role in brand protection from competition, and only 43% agree that it helps to streamline the customer journey. Some 90% agree that SEM can provide insight, but only 41% have ever tracked how their company performs against the competition. The challenge of how to implement this remains.
  • Pinterest Lens Continues To Change Visual Search
    The Lens feature will now identify more similar online products to purchase, with more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion Pins, according to the company.
  • Where Marketers Allocate Media Budgets And How Much They Plan To Spend
    Some 25% of marketers surveyed said they aren't prepared to use chatbots, with 23% citing voice search, 17%, artificial intelligence and machine learning; 17%, podcast advertising; 12%, visual search; and 6%, video search.
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