• Amazon Ads Reporting Outage Throws Off Calculations For Black Friday Campaign Spend
    A glitch in Amazon's system caused many advertisers to potentially overspend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others underspent, causing them to miss out on holiday sales, according to one report.
  • Google Donates $1M To NBA Foundation
    Google on Tuesday announced a $1 million donation, the largest from a partner, to the NBA Foundation to support the NBA HBCU Fellowship Program and other initiatives.
  • Search Data Shows Thanksgiving Day Takes Back Seat To Black Friday
    Marketing companies released lots of data Monday related to search and ecommerce. The data that got consumers thinking whether to save or spend, based on economic predictions, sent conflicting messages to marketers.
  • Could Apple Buy Disney With Iger's Return (No)
    A combination of my searches related to Disney's restaurant and Bob Iger returning to Disney to take on the responsibility of CEO no doubt sparked numerous articles in my email inbox and news feed on iPhone. Some of those articles centered on the rumor that Apple could once again acquire Disney.
  • What Thanksgiving Day Searches Tell Marketers
    Google has compiled search trends around Thanksgiving meals suggesting the most popular way to cook turkey, the most popular side dishes and desserts per state and what people are interested in doing during their day off.
  • Bloomreach Lowers Acquisition Costs With Snapchat Integration
    Advertisers can now integrate Bloomreach Engagement with Snapchat ads, allowing marketers to drive more efficient ad spend by using customer data and key segments. The company says the integration should lower the cost of customer acquisitions.
  • Cookieless: Yahoo Identity Solution Adds Partners
    Marissa Mayer may be concerned that the value of search at Google -- specifically Google Search -- continues to decline in value. But Yahoo made an announcement today to advance identity resolution that could fix that problem.
  • Google Ads Used In Malvertising Attack
    The Royal Ransomware group used Google Ads in a malvertising campaign attack, according to a report published by the Microsoft's Security Threat Intelligence team.
  • Publisher Settings For Google AdSense Data-Protection Law Coming In Jan. 2023
    Google will offer service-provider terms to supplement existing data-protection laws effective Jan. 1, 2023. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia and Utah will take on new data-protection laws that apply to collection and processing of personal information.
  • YouTube Launches Shoppable Shorts Challenge For Creators
    YouTube is launching a shoppable Shorts challenge this week that will take place during its holiday event, From YouTube to You.
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