• Alphabet Workers Want Company To Stop Protecting Harassers
    An open letter to Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai published on Medium asks Alphabet to stop protecting harassers of employees who believe they have been victimized by others in the company.
  • Why Amazon Continues To Take Google Share
    Amazon expanded into search to bring silos of data together across all companies. This data is making Amazon the ecommerce business a powerhouse. Here's how.
  • Here's How Pinterest Intends To Change The Internet
    "It's time for a kinder internet," according to a video launched today by Pinterest. "We can have conversations and be constructively critical when appropriate," says Jonathan Van Ness, activist, actor, author, tv personality and podcast host. "But there's a difference between being constructively critical, and then being dehumanized and vilified."
  • How Killi Unveil Makes Data Accessible To 320M Americans
    Killi announced today the launch of a product that gives U.S. consumers access to their data profile, which had been inaccessible until now. Users of the app gain rewards for the use of their data.
  • How Google's Path To Ecommerce Looks Different Than Amazon's
    When talking about "the elephant in the room" these days, it's sometimes difficult to determine which one. It depends on whether you're speaking about ecommerce or advertising, but perhaps not for long.
  • The Fourth-Party Cookie - How It Looks And Acts
    Cookie-fatigued advertisers who are thinking too much about Google's Cohorts might get a chuckle from this one.
  • Pinterest Launches Its First B2B Ad Campaign
    Pinterest launched its first B2B campaign Thursday in 6 global markets to help brands reach the 83% of weekly users who make purchases based on content on the site.