• Paid Search CPCs Falling Across All Industries
    CPCs dropped across all industries, but retail and travel saw the lowest this quarter, $0.43 and $0.46, respectively. Education saw the highest price $3.31.
  • Google Patent Identifies A 2-Piece Ad Based On Interaction With Content
    Google filed an update last week for a U.S. patent that describes a method for managing a two-part promotion on mobile devices.
  • Google Reportedly To Replace Voice Search On Android Devices
    Google is moving its Assistant, already on Android TV, into a variety of devices, from phones and light switches to televisions.
  • Presidential Candidate Accuses Google Of Ad Meddling
    It's not the first -- and probably won't be the last -- time that a presidential candidate or government official accused Google of stepping between their political and advertising campaigns.
  • Facebook Automated Ad Placement Seems Key In Advertising Strength Across Its Platforms
    Despite privacy concerns and reports of diminished use, Facebook advertising remains strong. Company estimates suggest its services still support about 2.7 billion active monthly users.
  • Search Glitch In Google App Keeps Page From Fully Rendering
    Another day, another Google search bug of one kind or another? So it seems.
  • New Microsoft 'Experiments' Feature Lets Brands Test Ad Campaigns
    Experiments, on Microsoft's ad platform, works similarly to the way that companies test enterprise-wide IT changes. Feature should roll out soon.
  • Google Reportedly Paying $5 For Your Face Specs
    Google bought George's face for $5. He's an engineer who is not sure what the company plans to do with the data. Well, sort of.
  • Microsoft Cites LinkedIn's Contribution During Earnings Call
    LinkedIn has been viewed as a stuffy B2B marketing platform, but with the addition of new services, the social network continues to build a new brand image.
  • Amazon, Google Questioned By Congress About Manipulating Algorithms
    Congressman David Cicilline questioned Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, with a focus on competitive markets. They did not talk about Amazon's program to buy the rights to brands for a fixed price.
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