• LinkedIn Tells Advertisers It Will Fold Stories As It Prepares To Launch Something New
    LinkedIn on Tuesday told advertisers it plans to shutter Stories, which the company introduced last year as a way to share quick video updates. The feature will complete its run at the end of September.
  • No More Video Games During The School Week
    Think how this new rule will affect advertisers that want to reach their audience in video games.
  • Illusion Of Living In A Virtual World
    Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft top execs were among the business leaders who met with the Biden administration on Wednesday to pledge billions on cybersecurity, and discuss how the government and private sector can work together to improve the nation's cybersecurity. The meeting was announced in July.
  • How Control Of Consumer-Generated Data Affects Online Advertising
    A study of the impact of ownership and control of consumer-generated data shows advertisers can be harmed by limited sharing of information. Giving consumers rights over their own data can improve outcomes.
  • Secrets Behind Local Organic Search Traffic
    Data from Milestone research shows local is the second-largest channel behind organic search. The two organic channels combined dominate the traffic at 69%, in page views, and channel revenue contribution.
  • Google Made 4,500 Improvements In 2020
    Google may be on a mission to make the world's information open and accessible, but it also has been pushing for transparency. Here's why Google wants you to know how search works.
  • Marketers Confused About Performance Marketing Vs. Growth Marketing
    To succeed today, 3Q Digital believes more marketers must rely on growth marketing. To determine how marketers think, the agency surveyed marketing leaders in the retail, technology/Software-as-a Service, financial services, and healthcare sectors.
  • Heard And Seen: Execs At IBM Watson, LiveRamp Talk Ad Targeting
    While Apple released App Tracking Transparency in April, The Weather Company app did not begin to use the tracking notification until June. Sheri Bachstein, GM at IBM Watson, says marketers are shifting some spending from iOS to other platforms, despite their need and intent to target consumers on iOS devices.
  • In The Cloud: Yext AI Search On Salesforce AppExchange Launches
    Yext customers can now combine the support and search platforms to deliver answers, streamline resolution, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Pinterest Digs Into Computer Vision To Launch Diversity-Driven Search Tool
    The search feature launches with the campaign, See Yourself. Pinterest scheduled the campaign to run across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The idea is to highlight the ways Pinterest users can find inspiration on hairstyles through the new search tool.
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