In The Cloud: Yext AI Search On Salesforce AppExchange Launches

Yext AI Search for the Salesforce Service Cloud on the AppExchange, an enterprise cloud marketplace, launched today with the goal of improving the experience for customers.

The collaboration allows companies to augment their existing Salesforce Service Cloud-powered help sites, agent consoles, and support forms with Support Answers, the company’s search product powered by artificial intelligence.

These features may appear simple and intuitive to users, but at the core the technology runs on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural-language processing. Yext takes a multiple-algorithm approach to advanced natural language processing, as well as knowledge graph technology.

Business clients of Yext and Salesforce can install the integration. Once the integration is installed, consumers can use the AI search experience on that business's help site or see suggestions powered by the AI search experience on a support form. The business's customer support agents also can use the AI search experience in their own personal "agent consoles" while they're resolving the issues of consumers.



The integration on AppExchange introduces several unique applications that enable businesses to deliver quick answers, streamline resolution, and improve customer satisfaction.

The first, Help Site Search, enables businesses to add Yext’s AI search to deliver direct answers to customers with help from natural-language processing. Questions may include "how do I add a new user?" or "how do I reset my password."

Businesses receive the answers dynamically, rather than through hyperlinks.

Support Form Deflection allows businesses to equip their Salesforce support forms to deliver answers in real-time, and is intended to help customers get the correct answer quickly.

Agent Console Search, a tool for customer support agents, helps to resolve issues quickly. Support agents can access Yext’s search experience directly in their Salesforce agent console when they are assigned a ticket to immediately search the topic of a customer's issue and quickly get the answer to resolve it.

Consumers prefer self-serve, as opposed to directly contacting a company for help. In a recent Yext study, 86% of respondents said being able to find information and resolve an issue themselves — rather than contacting customer support — is either “very important” or “fairly important.”

Some 58% of respondents prefer finding information on a company’s website to resolve an issue, versus 40% who prefer to contact the company directly.

Consumers want smarter, more intuitive help site search from brands. A Yext survey found that 60% of respondents said the major challenge with site search is that it does not understand the questions, while some 49% say most site search delivers unrelated results, 39% say the results are out of date or inaccurate, and 26% claim most are difficult to use.

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