• Gen Z Organic Chatter, Snapchat Can Now Track Trending Topics
    Snapchat now gives marketers a glimpse into organic trending topics such as keywords and moments most relevant to its users through chatter. Users typically range between 13 and 24 years old in the U.S., according to data pulled earlier this year.
  • Facebook Digital Ads One Year After A Public Breakup
    A report shows brands' and advertisers' digital spend with Facebook since boycotts following the "Stop Hate for Profit" campaign called out Facebook for not doing enough to stop hate speech. Advertisers including Unilever, Disney, and Verizon pulled some or all of their ad investments on Facebook to show their support for the movement.
  • Iggy Pop Becomes Face Of Unagi Electric Scooters
    With a message that highlights individuality, freedom, and liberation from the tyranny of transportation frustrations, Unagi and its new spokesperson aim to demonstrate that Unagi's scooters are unlike any ride-sharing or commodity quality scooters on the market,
  • Banks Step Up Security To Reduce Cloud Computing Risks, Google Survey Finds
    A Google cloud study shows financial institutions are increasing their use of cloud services, but regulators need to provide more guidance. Many also are considering multi-cloud strategies.
  • Instagram Shop Tab Ad Test Demonstrates Changes In Ecommerce
    Instagram reportedly is testing ads in Shop that can include one image or a carousel of images. The test, available to a handful of retailers, is rolling out to mobile users in the U.S.
  • Microsoft Acquires Peer5 To Bolster Teams' Live Video Streaming
    Microsoft has acquired electronic content-delivery network Peer5 in a deal that will support enhancements to Microsoft Teams' live video streaming, the company says.
  • Best Buy Signs On To Criteo's Retail Media Network
    Best Buy, a longstanding Criteo customer, has signed on to use the company's retail media ecosystem and platform to support brands selling and running sponsored ads through its website in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Heading Out: Yelp Vaccine Conundrum That Could Influence Google And Bing
    Businesses will soon need "labels" for directories and on search engines to identify vaccine requirements, as New York City begins to require vaccines for entry. Other states will likely follow.
  • MediaRadar Debuts Ad Intelligence Tool For Media Planners, Buyers
    Free at launch, the tool enables media buyers, planners and marketers to identify and monitor competitors' advertising, product categories and key brands and to create the ideal media mix.
  • What's Up With The WhatsApp Disappearing Photos And Videos?
    Facebook is touting that the "view once" feature makes "your private moments disappear after a single view" and that "not everything we share needs to become a permanent digital record."
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