• Google Maps Opens Fraud Complaint Forum
    The newly launched forum and Business Redressal Complaint Form will let people who come across fraudulent activity report issues with business listings in Google Maps.
  • Tying Search To Programmatic And Direct Mail Improves Results
    Shoppers browsing websites generate triggers and signals. Marketers need to create real-time data to identify interests from page visits, time spent on sites, keyword searches, cart abandonment, and behavioral activity.
  • Google To Shutter Average Position Metric
    Google will retire the average position reporting metrics used in Google Ads this September.
  • The Element Of Surprise: Brands And Your Loyalty
    Sixty-one percent of consumers surveyed in a Loyalty Barometer Report say that "surprise" rewards with offers or gifts are the most important way a brand can interact with them.
  • Google's Biggest Financial Mistake
    Google may have given away its ecommerce dominance when the company switched to a pay-to-play business model for Google Shopping in 2012.
  • Google Requires Fewer Clicks To Score Mobile Page Speeds
    If you spend as much time on your mobile phone as I do, you will likely appreciate a Google algorithm update that now allows advertisers to see the load speed times of more mobile landing pages.
  • Google Ads App Campaigns Drops The 'Universal'
    App campaigns will join Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Smart as the top-level campaign names available in Google Ads. Perhaps they ran out of characters.
  • Bing Gives More Data In Shopping As Analysts Estimate Ad Spend To Rise
    Global search ad spend should increase from $101 billion in 2017 to $160 billion in 2022, per a Raymond James analyst -- reflecting a compounded growth rate of about 10%.
  • Valentine's Day Ad Spend Up, But Searches Down
    Marketers' search advertising spend rose 23% compared with the prior year. Consumers' spend through ecommerce channels rose only 5.3% for Valentine's Day 2019 compared to last year.
  • Leave A Little Love
    When customers give a little love (or not) in online reviews, business owners may want to give a little back.
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