Bing Gives More Data In Shopping As Analysts Estimate Ad Spend To Rise

It may not seem like a big deal, but every bit of data and ad management tools becomes important when it comes to analyzing campaigns. Bing announced this week that marketers can now view Shopping Campaign data in Bing Ads.

It's about managing search terms and choosing specific keywords to track and analyze how ads perform when triggered by specific searches. The updated reporting grid also now includes a campaign column where marketers can choose either shopping or search, as well as an added and excluded keyword column.

“This is another step in our continuous journey to save you time,” wrote Nahva Tecklu, program manager at Bing Ads.

Another step indeed, as marketers continue to spend more on search advertising.

Raymond James Analyst Aaron Kessler released a research note Tuesday stating that global search ad spend should increase from $101 billion in 2017 to $160 billion in 2022, which reflects a compounded growth rate of about 10%. It is driven primarily by mobile, he wrote, but key concerns remain around the shift to vertical platforms such as Amazon.



Amazon drives about 50% of incremental ecommerce sales in the U.S., driven mostly by price, selection, Prime, and Alexa and Echo.

While it’s not specific to search advertising, Raymond James Analyst Aaron Kessler released a research note Tuesday stating the firm expects to see about 13% global online advertising growth in 2019, driven by consumers spending more time with social, mobile and video.

In the advertising and ecommerce guide, Kessler notes that Google and Facebook should take about 85% of incremental online advertising spend.

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