• How Google Balances Query Results In Search
    Searchmetrics research analyzes the impact of a recent change designed to limit how often the same brand appears in the top organic search results. Google calls it site diversity.
  • The Absent Larry Page
    Where is Larry Page, Alphabet's CEO? Page was absent from the stockholders meeting, has gone missing from weekly Q&A meetings and didn't show up for a hearing about the exploitation of internet platforms, where U.S. senators were less than pleased.
  • What Consumers Do Not Trust About Technology
    Search marketers may need to rethink the use of bots and automated services, which create a disconnect and fail to emotionally connect the person with the brand.
  • Amazon Prime Day Spurs Search Ad, Media Buys
    Amazon announced Tuesday it will hold Prime Day on July 15 and 16. A poll of Profitero clients shows many brands are buying search ads and other digital ads, as well as running promotions on Amazon Prime Day, according to Andrew Pearl, VP of strategy and insight for EMEA at the company.
  • Amazon Ad Revenue Estimated To Reach $40 Billion By 2023, As AI Increases Ad Prices
    AI and machine learning should attract advertisers doing business with Google and Facebook to Amazon, but by 2020 Juniper expects that overall, AI will contribute to rising costs per ad. Demonstrating that better ad targeting can match current return on ad spend will become essential.
  • An Estimated 11 Million Fake Business Listings On Google Maps
    Despite its sophisticated algorithms and software engineers, Google struggles to protect against "chronic deceit" from fake listings on Google Maps. There is a long history of this type of abuse on the site.
  • Kenshoo Creates Fifth Business Unit Based On Data
    Kenshoo engineers began building a new suite of apps around measurement and media-mix modeling solutions about a year ago. The entire suite will make the data collected by Kenshoo accessible when it is complete.
  • Google To Start Attributing Lyrics In Search To Third Parties
    Google announced it will start attributing song lyrics to third-party companies after music lyrics repository Genius publicly accused the search engine of scraping lyrics and serving them up in query results.
  • Google Calendar Latest Tech To Spread Phishing Link Scam
    Kaspersky Labs identified the attacks in May and recently posted a blog about the scam that capitalizes on unsolicited calendar invites that carry a link to a phishing URL.
  • Marketers Want Alternatives To Amazon, Facebook, Google
    Amazon, Facebook and Google will account for 43% of the $129.34 billion in U.S. digital ad spend in 2019, vs. eMarketer's estimate of 68%, a recent study finds. Many marketers are looking for alternatives to these three companies.
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