• Amazon Benefits Most When Social Ads Drive Search
    The impact of social campaigns on search advertising and marketing may seem like a bit of a mystery to some marketers, but for companies like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and others there's a clear strategy, according to data released Friday.
  • Mary Meeker's Annual Internet Trends Report And What Search Marketers Should Know
    Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends report covers all things digital: from slowing growth of internet users and smartphone unit shipments to the impact of privacy changes on ad targeting.
  • Google, Bing Driving Changes In CTRs, CPCs
    As marketers keep increasing budgets for paid-search ads running on Google and Bing, will the cost to seal deals with customers continue to rise?
  • Google Has A List Of Everything Purchased When Merchants Email You The Receipt
    Google is collecting baskets of personal information on Gmail users and other services such as search. While Google gives you directions on how to find the data, some of it cannot be easily deleted.
  • Amazon Takes Search Budgets From Google, Bing, Yahoo, Data Suggests
    Marketers spent 77% more in Q1 2019 on Amazon Sponsored Brands ads, formerly known as Headline Search Ads, while Amazon Sponsored Products grew 19% year-on-year, according to Merkle.
  • Voice Search Study Ties Answers To Top Three Organic Results
    Several factors influence the answers Google Assistant returns. Performance factors range from speed, device, and ranking in search engine queries to page score, trust score, high-quality backlinks, keywords and complexity of the query, according to the findings from the SEMrush report released Friday.
  • How Amazon, Instagram Influencer Content Changes Search
    Instagram has turned influencer-produced organic branded content into ads that run through feeds, like native ads or organic content in search results that appear with a "sponsored" label.
  • When Bing Local Inventory Ads Should Be The Focus
    Marketers can expect Local Inventory ads from Microsoft Advertising to emerge from beta early this month after the company's year-long test cycle. Now they just need to get more companies and brands using them to make it more convenient for consumers searching online for nearby products.
  • Microsoft Bing Hits 10
    It's doubtful that the colors or the shape of Bing's logo influenced search, but the search engine has seen 100 consecutive months of growth in market share, and $7 billion in revenue from more than 500,000 advertisers served globally in the past 10 years.
  • Google Alerts Search Professionals In Advance Of Core Search Algorithm Changes
    Google said it will begin offering more information to help search engine professionals prepare for any changes to its broad core search algorithm.
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