Amazon Benefits Most When Social Ads Drive Search

The impact of social campaigns on search advertising and marketing may seem like a bit of a mystery to some marketers, but for companies like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and others there is a clear strategy, according to data released Friday.

Data from SimilarWeb that analyzes the top three engines in the United States shows which ones that benefit the most from social on desktops.-- and it is Amazon, rather than Google and Bing, takes the No. 1 spot when it comes to social content driving search.  

Social traffic accounted for 4.7% of desktop search traffic on Amazon in the United States during the past 12 months.

YouTube contributed the most search traffic on Amazon at nearly 51%, followed by Facebook at 28.5%, Reddit at 10.4%, Twitter at 5.8%, Pinterest at 1%, and others at 3.4%.

Again, YouTube contributed the most search traffic from social on Google Search at nearly 64.3%, but dropped considerably when looking at sites outside of Google’s network. Facebook contributed 16.4%, with Reddit at 5.9%, Twitter at 4.4%, Pinterest at 1.2%, and others at 6.8%.



Bing lagged the most, but benefited considerably from LinkedIn, whereas Amazon and Google did not. Social traffic on Bing only accounted to 1.1% of desktop search traffic in the United States during the past 12 months.

YouTube contributed the most to search traffic on desktop in the United States at 36.5%, followed by Facebook at 26.2%, LinkedIn at 10.3%, Pinterest at 8.8%, Reddit at 8%, and others at 10.2%.

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