• Back-To-School Purchases Expected To Rise During Labor Day -- Don't Forget Teachers
    With school back in session in some parts of the U.S., merchants will see the highest back-to-school sales this Labor Day weekend, Shopify predicts. Independence Day brought in the highest sales this year to date for merchants, with more than $138 million in merchandise sold.
  • Gartner Optimistic About Visual Search As An Emerging Technology
    Gartner classifies visual search as an emerging technology, on par with results of an eMarketer survey suggesting that few consumers "regularly" use it.
  • Amazon Still Dealing With Fake, Hijacked Reviews
    "Review hijacking" -- when a product's seller links positive reviews from another, unrelated product with its own to trick potential buyers -- seems to be a major problem for Amazon.
  • Yelp Personalizes Local Queries And Results To Gain Lead On Google, Others
    Yelp launched a feature in its app on Tuesday that allows users to personalize what they see in the app.
  • Amazon, Large Ecommerce Tech Companies Most Affected By France Tax
    The U.S. and France have reportedly reached an agreement that will make American tech companies pay more in taxes.
  • Turbulent Times: News Corp Service Could Change How Google, Bing Support Publishers
    Knewz.com, expected to debut later this year, will support a website and mobile app and serve all original news reports rather than quick summaries of existing articles.
  • How Intent Data Measures Campaign Awareness
    Just Media used data from a coop of 4,000 online websites to analyze intent and whether companies show increased interest in products and services during and after campaigns.
  • Search Low Priority For Marketers In 2020, Video Tops List
    Video marketing was cited as important to marketing strategies by 76%, followed by GDPR compliance, artificial intelligence, machine learning tech or services, experiential marketing and reactive design.
  • Google Play Store Apps Laced With New Adware
    It's daunting to run a large corporation -- especially when a third party finds adware in one of the company's top services.
  • Google Eliminates Accelerated Delivery Option For Search, Shopping Campaigns
    Beginning Sept. 17, Standard will become the only ad delivery method for Search and Shopping campaigns, and shared budgets.
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