• Amazon's Acquisition Of Ring Is A Game-Changer
    Amazon's acquisition of smart doorbell maker Ring is a game-changer for marketplaces and the electronics industry as well as marketing and advertising. Here's why.
  • Adobe Personalizes Voice
    On Tuesday, Adobe announced enhancements that will enable consumers to interact with brands in the same way they engage with a local grocery store clerk or bank teller -- only online.
  • Search And The Life Cycle Of Android, iOS Mobile App Retention Rates
    Worldwide mobile ad spend rose 33.6% to $142 billion, with $17 billion spent on performance ads, according to a report released Monday.
  • Younger Travelers Rely On Search Engines, Recall Ads More Often
    As the U.S. heads into the Spring Break season, consumers are planning vacations. So how much do images and videos, as well as phrases in search ads, actually influence purchase decisions? Much more than some might think.
  • Pinterest Search Driving Higher Social Ad Investments
    iProspect's paid social clients spent 72% more on media in Q4 2017 compared with the prior year and 86% more year-over-year. The biggest jump in budget went to Pinterest, not to Facebook or Twitter, in 2017.
  • Harvard Study Reveals Yelp Data Advantages For Ad Targeting
    A Harvard study suggests that data from digital platforms has the potential to improve the way people understand how neighborhoods change in close to real-time.
  • Google 'Freshness' Algorithm May Still Cause Dips In Website Traffic
    Google challenges marketers by changing its algorithm often. One change that occurred in early 2017 might still be affecting some marketers. iQuanti found the flaw after a large publishing site that averages more than 600,000 monthly visits lost 28% in organic traffic site visits from January to February 2017.
  • Oath's Ad President Says Communication With Customers Key To Company's GDPR Preparation
    Verizon Oath's President-Advertising and Publisher Strategy Tim Mahlman recently visited London to underscore the importance of adhering to GDPR before it rolls out in May.
  • Artificial Intelligence And The Changing Mindset Of Consumers
    A survey by Northeastern University and Gallup explores the impact artificial intelligence will have on people's lives and work, their educational choices, and the potential interventions from higher education, government and private industry.
  • SEO: Top Global Domains
    Compiled from analysis of 10 national Google indexes, Wikipedia.org took the overall ranking for the most visible website in Google search results based on a study released this week.Wikipedia is the most visible in eight out of 10 countries.
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