• Every Brand Will Need Amazon, Forrester Says
    Publicis and Omnicom have announced they will increase ad spend on Amazon by 40% to 100% in 2018, respectively, pushing Forrester's ad revenue estimate to more than $6 billion.
  • SEO Experts Speak Out On Link Building
    Only 11% consider link building to be the most important task, but 72% admit it's "very important" and 17% think it's more important than other optimization tasks.
  • Bing Gives Access To Webmaster Tools Through Google, Facebook Accounts
    Are Bing execs finally getting smart about growing the company's ad business? Now notifications from the webmaster tools message center will be sent to the email address associated with the login. Both social login and the ability to have webmaster tools notifications sent to accounts outside of the Microsoft ecosystem were some of the most-requested features in 2017.
  • Google: Pet-Related Keywords Driving Auto Searches
    As the old saying goes, pets are family. Google's search data clearly shows that U.S. consumers put their furry friends first when searching for car accessories.
  • Bing Brings Sentiment Analysis, Multiple Perspectives To Search Queries
    In a critical step that will give marketers greater understanding of intent in search queries, Microsoft Bing integrated sentiment analysis, which enables an understanding of the context of content, either positive or negative.
  • Patriots Featured In More Super Bowl Search Ads, Searches Than Eagles
    The Eagles won the Super Bowl, but the Patriots had the most brand-related searches and search ad copy between Jan. 26 and Feb. 1, according to data released this week.
  • Hey Google: Alexa Loses Her Voice And Ranks No. 1
    The most-viewed ad based on Super Bowl game-day data from Google and YouTube goes to the Alexa Loses Her Voice-Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial. Hey Google, what do you think about that campaign?
  • Former Google, Facebook Execs Rebel Against Companies They Helped To Create
    The Center For Humane Technology is launching a campaign with Comcast and DirectTV to educate students, parents and teachers about the dangers of excessive technology use.
  • Amazon CEO Calls Ad Business 'Key Contributor' For Growth
    Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky pointed to the company's advertising business as a "key driver" with strong growth. After being pressed by analysts, he said during the analyst call that the company will continue to make the advertising offering more valuable.
  • Microsoft Revenue From Bing Search Ads Rose In 2017
    Microsoft reported that revenue from search advertising rose to $1.8 billion for 2017, up from $1.6 billion the prior year.
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