• The Bush And 'The Google'
    What do George W. Bush's recent remarks about Google mean for the future of search, the Internet, and the free world?
  • How Google Wins By Losing
    Perhaps the biggest hot-button question in search is whether Google will continue rising forever, or if it will bust. Last week saw indicators both ways. On Monday, Standard and Poor downgraded Google's ranking from "hold" to "sell," cautioning against "what we perceive to be potentially excessive enthusiasm" about Google stock. On Tuesday, completely ignoring S&P's warnings, the Street pushed Google's stock to a new high of $473.31/share.
  • A Person, A Paint Brush And The Art of Holistic Search Management
    In my last column, I discussed balancing paid and natural search to create a holistic management approach, and outlined some of the perceptions that typically prevent marketers from moving in that direction. In this installment, I would like to discuss the key factor in the co-management of natural and paid search campaigns: people.
  • Thoughts On The Search Tornado: The Chasm Revisited
    I'm continuing to pick up the thread from last week's column. The idea of search marketing crossing the chasm perked up a few ears, notably amongst financial analysts, so I thought I'd spend a little more time exploring the concept and what it means for search.
  • Yahoo's 'Right' Decision
    A few weeks back, I discussed Yahoo's disappointing earnings release, and suggested that the solution to Yahoo's troubles lies in a better integration of its approaches to search within its media arm. Yahoo, after all, is the No.2 search engine and the No. 1 portal; combining the successful components of each would leave Yahoo a nearly unstoppable force in Internet media. And last week, with its 20% purchase of Right Media, Yahoo took a major first step toward making that integration a reality.
  • Second Life Optimization
    When you want a new pair of shoes, you might head to your favorite shoe store, mall, or online retailer. Maybe you're not sure which store you'll visit or how to get there, so you'll turn to a search engine. Yet what happens when your avatar needs a new pair of virtual shoes?
  • Search Innovation Spotlight
    This month's spotlight falls on new developments in search marketing tools.
  • Opaque Vs. Open
    When it comes to paid search advertising in the U.S. market, Google is the clear-cut leader. In Europe, it has nearly cornered the market, with a range of 66% to 85% of the search marketplace for each European country. As with any business or industry, the leader becomes the standard for all to shoot for. In the case of paid search advertising, that standard is Google's opaque ad platform.
  • All Hands on Deck! Search Marketing Is Crossing The Chasm
    Last week, I gathered in New York with 12 other search marketers for SEMPO's twice-yearly planning retreat. More than a few at the table mentioned that they've noticed a significant change in the prospects they're talking to--and the contact points within those companies. Today, our sales leads are more often Fortune 1000s than the latest online start-up. With increasing frequency, we're starting to get C-level interest at the table when talk turns to search.
  • Why Aren't We Talking About YahooTube?
    Doesn't that have a nicer ring to it than GoogTube?
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