• Google Maps -- One-Third Of People Don't Trust It
    A survey by user-generated mapping platform Atly suggests an "alarming level of distrust" in Google Maps, mostly based on outdated location-based search and saving methods.
  • eBay Makes Its Marketplace A 'Magical' Place
    eBay has caught the generative AI bug and is building a foundation of tools across the site to help advertisers and those who list products for sale.
  • Adjusting The Backward Thinking Around AI
    Marketers have a missed opportunity in what Boathouse President John Connors calls performance AI. Generative AI gets all the attention as the shiny object -- but "it's just a fancy bar trick," he says.
  • Tracking: What Marketers Should Know About Apple iOS 17
    Peter Jakus, product manager at Bloomreach, said while Apple has tried to take the privacy lead among the major browsers, bad actors who abuse digital tracking technologies for nefarious purposes often rely on the same underlying tools such as cookies and URL parameters, as honest marketers.
  • Amazon, Google, Meta, Walmart Ad Spend Rises, With YouTube Surging 31%
    Ad spend grew across many major digital platforms that Tinuiti supports. Fashion brand Temu became a major player in the Google Shopping space during the first half of the year, and is now competing against 82% of U.S. shopping advertisers -- a higher share than Walmart, and just about on par with eBay, according to Tinuiti.
  • Google: What Is A Red Team?
    "We've already seen early indications that investments in AI expertise and capabilities in adversarial simulations are highly successful," Daniel Fabian, head of Google Red Teams, wrote in a recent blog post. "Red team engagements, for example, have highlighted potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which helped anticipate some of the attacks we now see on AI systems."
  • Former Xandr GM Takes Helm At Captify As Intent Signals Go Cookieless
    Mike Welch will succeed Dominic Joseph as Captify CEO. The appointment cements the concept of search and CTV as a strong ad strategy.
  • Visa Dives Deep Into Creator Economy
    With a TikTok page that highlights cinematography and black culture, Kennedy @whokae is partnering with food creator Danny and music creator L.Dre as mentors in Visa's Get P@id social video series.
  • Automation Shows Profitability
    Google has been touting automation in advertising for years. Marketers initially rejected the notion of less control of campaigns, leaving the processes up to technology. All that has changed.
  • Warner Bros. Ropes In Barbie Pink Marketing, Search
    Wall Street may need to re-evaluate the impact the Barbie movie will have on Mattel stock. The movie isn't set to hit theaters until Friday, but some estimate it could have an opening weekend of between $90 million to $100 million.
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