• B2B Search Myths
    Sometimes you never know what you'll get out of a conference or seminar. As for the last one I attended, I left cringing.
  • Search Innovation: Looking for the Average Joe
    Google's beta release of their desktop search tool was their shot across the bow of the USS Microsoft Search.
  • Google Does It Right, and Still Makes Money
    We've done three studies now on how people react with search engines, and one finding that has been consistent across all three studies still amazes me.
  • Search and E-Mail: "Why Do We Have to Fight?"
    Could search engine marketing really be going head to head with e-mail marketing? How sad it is to see two siblings cut from the same cloth fighting over scraps when there is ripe bounty awaiting both.
  • Is Search Writing the Yellow Pages Obituary? Definitely Not
    While there has been much recent speculation that search engines are bringing the Yellow Pages industry to its knees, naysayers should take another look at the industry that founded local search more than 100 years ago with the first print Yellow Pages directory.
  • Mobile Search Is Almost Too Good to Be True
    I have always been an "early adopter" of technology, one of those guys who runs into a colleague's office saying "You've got to see this!"
  • The Search Mailbag: Climbing the Ranks
    The Search Insider gets inundated with reader mail, and while every writer receives a timely response, some letters deserve a public response as well. Today you're witnessing Search Insider history as we dig into the mailbag.
  • Is Search Writing the Yellow Page Obituary?
    The news piece was buried on page 36 of the business section in a major Canadian daily newspaper.
  • The Search Vineyard
    Enough with articles on the 'search bubble.' Bubbles burst. Search engine marketing can best be viewed as a vineyard that's just now starting to bear fruit, with the best wine vintages yet to come.
  • Adding Offline Data to Online Search
    Search has always been a dynamic "keep up or die" industry, and it's about to take another jump that will change the industry forever.
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