• Amazon Cracks Down On False Promotional Claims, Price Gouging Related To Coronavirus
    In the past few weeks, Amazon stopped more than one million products from being sold that inaccurately claimed to cure or stop the spread of coronavirus. It also has stopped the sale of price gouging.
  • Age Of Search, AI, And How To Excel At Customer Experience: Microsoft Study
    First-party data sources from organic search, paid search, website and mobile app analytics, CRM, call center, customer service and online sales set high performers apart from the rest.
  • What Marketers Probably Don't Know About Yahoo Small Business
    Plans are in the works to expand services through an offering Yahoo calls Business Maker. The first version of this platform, launched in Oct. 2019, is offered through the company's Verizon Business unit.
  • Voice Commerce Declines In 2020: Report
    Some 33% of consumers surveyed say a lack of security features stops them from making more purchases via voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • KFC Canada Signs On To Google Search Online Ordering
    Jason Cassidy, marketing director of KFC Canada, believes Google's food ordering platform gives customers a "frictionless experience."
  • Amazon Takes UK, But Consumers Say Tech Search Results Lack Info
    About 31% of the searches are purchase driven and the remainder are looking for information about products, according to the Searchmetrics study. Not enough retail sites have the required information in their descriptions and marketing campaigns.
  • Don't Forget To Bid On Your Own Brand Terms
    Loyalty typically leads a consumer to search on a brand term, but don't take that as a foregone conclusion that you've closed the sale, writes Location3 CEO Alex Porter.
  • What Is Rio SEO's Suggestion Engine?
    Rio SEO added a Suggestion Engine to its Local Manager platform. Don't be confused by thinking it's a "recommendation engine."
  • 42% Of Brands Advertising On Amazon = Half The Sales
    Third-party sellers selling direct from Amazon's platform are more likely to spend between $81,000 and $100,000 each month on Amazon Advertising, while 7% of their first-party counterparts spend that much, a Feedvisor report finds.
  • Search Data Reveals Super Bowl Ads' Staying Power For Brands
    It's the data that surfaces in the weeks after the Super Bowl that shows whether ads made an impact on consumer searches or purchases, according to one retail analytics firm.
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