• How Airbnb Eliminates 'Positional Bias' In Search Results
    Airbnb eliminates positional bias in search results on its site by following the lead of users, according to a paper submitted to Cornell University by Airbnb engineers. Here's how they did it.
  • TV Versus Search -- When A Disruptive Brand Tries Both
    Jim Leichenko, director of marketing at Kantar Media, views Robin Hood as an innovator -- Robinhood the free-trading app that allows investors to trade stock without commissions or fees.
  • Traffic To Websites Expected To Climb In 2020, Becoming Priority For Marketers
    Twenty percent of marketers in SimilarWeb's State of Marketing survey released this week say they will spend time and resources increasing site traffic, as this strategy becomes a top priority for 2020.
  • U.K. Performance Agency Brainlabs Buys Hanapin Following Distilled Merger
    The acquisition demonstrates the company's need for a solid footing in the U.S., along with the ability to build out tools, conferences and services.
  • Google Search Console Adds Review Snippets Performance And Testing
    Websites with reviews can gain much information on how well pages perform. Google announced support for review snippets along with performance reports in the Google Search Console on Monday.
  • Google Oscar Predictions Based On Search, YouTube Views
    This year Google said it noticed that a film's box office success correlates to the number of views the trailer has on YouTube.
  • Google Trends Data Zeroes In On The Moment Coronavirus Was Identified
    Google Trends seemed to identify the approximate time and day people realized they were not dealing with the SARS virus, but rather an outbreak of something new.
  • Oscars Get Dedicated Google Search, Assistant Experience
    Google on Wednesday announced the launch of a dedicated experience in Search and Assistant for the Oscars. The awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry are scheduled to broadcast Feb. 9, 2020.
  • Amazon Aggressively Fights To Dominate Google Page One
    A Searchmetrics study shows the lengths Amazon goes to in order to lure searchers from Google. Amazon wants to dominate results on Google when consumers search for products.
  • Super Bowl Trending Google Searches Have A Lyrical Theme
    Google typically shares YouTube viewership stats related to Super Bowl ads the day after the game. This year it added top Google trends and most searched-on Lyrics during the game in the U.S.
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